How to talk over a sound on TiktokTiktok can be thought of as a place to tell stories. Tiktok content creators think outside the box to produce creative content. These ideas are born out of the pure imagination of Tiktok content creators. Furthermore, Tiktok is a platform where people can express themselves in the form of compelling videos.


There are many features on Tiktok that allow creators to edit and enhance their creations. One of the latest additions to this toolkit is the “Voiceover” feature. With the voiceover feature, you can talk over a sound on any of your Tiktok videos.


Steps on how to do a voiceover on TikTok:


  1. Launch the TikTok app on your phone
  2. Log into your Tiktok account.
  3. Click on the plus “+” icon. This will prompt you to create a new TikTok video.
  4. Press the shutter button at the center and hold it to record the video. You can also upload an existing video from your gallery.
  5. After uploading or taking the video, click the tick mark to go to the editing screen.
  6. Tap on the microphone icon that says, “voiceover.” You can now start to record your voice over the video. Press and hold the shutter to record the voiceover. Additionally, you can also remove the original sound from the video. Tap the “Keep original sound” button to remove the tick mark. You can also do the voiceover in different sections of the video.  
  7. When you are satisfied with your voiceover, click on “Play” to listen to your audio.
  8. If satisfied with the audio, click on “Save.”
  9. Once your voiceover is recorded, you can enhance it with a variety of voice effects. Click on the “Voice effects” button located above the “Voiceover” button. This will lead to you a range of different voice filters. Moreover, you can combine these effects to make one fantastic result.
  10. After you are done editing your voiceover, you can also adjust the volume. Do this by tapping on the “Volume” icon. Click on “Next” and post the video to your page.
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Benefits of the voiceover feature on Tiktok:


This feature is handy for content creators who are working in collaboration with brands and other businesses. By adding a voiceover track, they can now tell a story about the video and guide the viewers. Not only this, voiceovers make the video much clearer to understand for the viewers. It doesn’t have to be a brand deal.


Any Tiktok user can use this feature to enhance their video content and engage with their audience more. You can use the voiceovers to explain what is happening in the video or as an instructive voice for an informational video. Some users also use this feature to record a song over their video. Additionally, you can edit the voiceovers with voice filters that can further improve the video quality.  


TikTok’s new voiceover feature enables content creators to add their voices to their video creations. To improve storytelling on Tiktok, this new voiceover feature now allows content creators to add a recording of their voice to their videos.


How to talk over a sound on Tiktok

Why use voiceovers in Tiktok videos?


Voiceovers have always been in use as an effective way of storytelling. It helps create a type of inner monologue for the creator. It also gives an insight into the creators’ view of the video. Voiceovers also play the role of offering interesting perspectives within their short clips. A video with a voiceover is more informative and easier to grasp than ones that do not have any voiceovers. Not only this, but creators can also play around with different voiceover effects to give life to their voices. Some of these effects are funnier than others, adding comedic humor to the video.

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It does not matter if they are narrating the story about what is happening behind the camera or singing along to some music; this feature allows creators to get even more creative with their content. It also aids in generating a higher engagement rate for your videos as viewers see your video as informational and of value.


One of the most popular trends that have come around with this new feature on Tiktok is creating the inner monologues of pets and other objects that do not have a voice in reality. This adds a new level of humor and entertainment for viewers who are into that sort of video. However, the best use of this feature is when filming a tutorial video. Instead of just having to follow the video without any actual audio commands, a voiceover allows viewers to also listen to the instructions. It also helps the creator add more information to the video and add their own flare.