Tiktok is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media content platforms, especially with short-form content. Despite the growing popularity, several users have one question in mind, “Is Tiktok getting banned in 2022?


And, the answer is NO.

Although Tiktok is banned and restricted in a few countries, it isn’t getting banned throughout the world. That isn’t going to happen any time soon. However, if you are a popular creator on Tiktok and use the videos to monetize your content, being worried is normal.

This post will discuss everything about the Tiktok ban and offer other ways you can monetize your content and earn a steady income.

Is Tiktok Getting Banned in 2022?

Is Tiktok getting banned in 2022?

There are no plans or news about Tiktok getting banned in 2022. ByteDance, which is Tiktok’s parent company, has time and time shared that they don’t plan to shut down their services. Instead, they are looking for ways they can expand their outreach and processes.

So, unless Tiktok is already banned in your country, you won’t have to worry about it getting banned globally this year.

To further help creators monetize their content, Tiktok has launched the “Creator Next” feature. Under this, the creators will be able to earn a steady source of income from the platform, depending on their engagement.

The main reason why there are rumors of Is Tiktok getting banned in 2022? This is because of legal and privacy issues. Countries like the UK, US, and Ireland are consistently investigating Tiktok’s user data policy. They want to ensure that none of their citizen’s information is being gambled to the Chinese government.

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Till now, Tiktok has managed to come out clean from all the imposed accusations. Besides the privacy issue, some countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan are worried that the usage of Tiktok is degrading the culture of the people, which is not the truth as well.

So, ruling out all of these issues, we can say that TikTok has no plans of getting banned in 2022, so you can very well continue using it.

Which are the countries where Tiktok is banned?

Although TikTok doesn’t have any plans of getting banned worldwide in 2022, certain countries have independently banned TikTok.

The main reason behind this issue is the security concern in China. Several countries’ government doesn’t find it safe to keep up with the data sharing policy of the Chinese application, hence the ban.

The biggest TikTok ban was imposed by India in the year 2020. Over 610 million active users on the platform lost their content and their following. 

Besides India, TikTok is also banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh. So, if you are in any of these countries, you won’t be able to use TikTok or share videos on the platform.

Tiktok was temporarily banned in Indonesia in 2018. However, the government soon lifted the ban, allowing the users to then restore their accounts and use them.

How can you share content if Tiktok gets banned?

Is Tiktok getting banned in 2022?

In countries where Tiktok was banned suddenly, many creators with a massive following lost a platform for earning. Sudden changes can be quite complicated to manage, especially when you are in the process of monetizing them.

In such cases, we’d recommend that you create additional sources of income through your content creation journey. Instead of relying on just one platform, diversify your online presence. This ensures that even if one platform is taken down, you have the other platform’s following to ride onto.

Here are some other social media platforms through which you can earn money as a content creator.

  • Instagram

We can’t stress this enough but ever since the initiation of the TikTok ban in some countries, Instagram has stepped up its game. Following in TikTok’s footsteps, Instagram introduced the Reels feature.

Under this, users can create their videos using specific audio and share them with the audience. The feature is a 100% copy of TikTok’s user interface. So, if you are a flawless TikTok creator, you won’t have any issues creating reels on Instagram at all.

  • YouTube Shorts

Closely following in on second is YouTube. Like TikTok and Instagram reels, even YouTube introduced Shorts. This allows the creators to create short 60 second videos and share them with their subscribers. It doesn’t offer a lot of in-app editing options, so you’d have to create your video outside the app and then upload it.

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Given how quickly short-form content is growing, it isn’t surprising that YouTube shorts are gaining rapid popularity too.

  • Influencer marketing

Lastly but one of the most lucrative ways to earn money as a content creator is through influencer marketing. You can take up brand sponsorships and deals that you genuinely believe in. Depending on the specifics, you can then go ahead and create videos and share your content for the deals that you signed for.

Sounds easy, right? However, your journey to becoming a successful influencer is not an easy one at all. There is a lot you have to keep a check on.

Worried Is Tiktok getting banned in 2022?Well, we hope this article gives you all the answers you were looking for. Tiktok isn’t getting banned globally anytime soon. So, if you plan to expand your content creation journey on TikTok, we’d recommend that you go ahead and do that without any kinds of further thoughts.


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