TikTok is a platform that allows everyone to show their talent in multiple ways. Initially, this app was launched as “Musically” but later the name was altered to TikTok. And today everyone is aware of the online platform. This popular social media app allows users to create, watch or share videos. But the main concern Is TikTok is Safe for Kids?

We all are aware of the equal participation of children in the social media platform, which has no limitations and full of unknown people. Is this space suitable for children? How can a 15 minutes video be threatening to them? This question might have never struck your mind but it is high time that we discuss the main concern that revolves around the safety of children with TikTok.

Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained)

 Is this social media platform safe at all?

This generation cannot stay away from social media. In this age of likes and comments, sometimes we forget about the minimal provisions and throw ourselves into the vast ocean full of unknown people. TikTok is no less than a town carnival that is full of unknown people, who are happily spending quality time. But this glittery app can be a threat to us as well as children. To make sure your content is safe for your kids, you can buy TikTok followers which are kids-friendly.

To date, TikTok has reached 2 billion downloads. This is a massive success, right? But among this download, children also hold an impressive percentage. But, Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained) at all? Most of the parents are concerned about this only. The social media app might seem like a happy-dippy platform but, everything comes with a price. The bellow mentioned pointers explain about few such involved areas:

  • Children can be targeted

Children go through lots of changes in their teenage. They are still learning and coping with societal norms; among all these, they become very vulnerable. Especially, the time is not in favor of most the people. We are more acquainted with the unknown through social media, rather than with our relatives or neighbors.

In such times, it is very obvious that the predators can lure them into something inappropriate. As TikTok holds no limitation to connect with unknown people – it becomes very easy to target the underage and manipulate them. This can lead to sexual harassment, exchange of vulnerable content, or sharing of personal data with the wrong person. Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained)

  • Inappropriate contents

The contents shared in the app always remind us – Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained) Do you always feel easy with the content that you find in the social media app? The timeline is always full of trending videos. The children can encounter inappropriate content. This might hamper their innocence. They can come across many videos, which promote seductive acts, nudity, bullying, hatred, political agenda, and many more. Many videos also promote communal violence, risky stunts, discrimination, and many more.

  • Hamper the mental health

We are dying for appreciation; similarly, in social media apps, the users are always fond of more likes and comments. The fame has already turned innocent minds. Now, the craze for appreciation and popularity is ruining the mental health of children. They can go to any extent, to increase the number of followers. When they do not reach their expectation that rally hampers their mental health. Without being aware of the reality, they run after something vague and ultimately fall into the trap of depression, anxiety and stress. Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained).

  • Cyberbullying

TikTok is all about creating trending videos. Is TikTok Safe for Kids to create any video without any prior knowledgeWell, sometimes they land up into trouble and make fun of themselves. In search of fame, they make any kind of content that can lead to cyberbullying. Trolling is very common in social media. Sometimes the TikTok users are targeted and bullied on online platforms. Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained).

What measures should be taken by the parents beforehand?

It is hard for parents to keep up with the evolving technology. But, they need to understand the sensibility of the present scenario. It is neither suggested to oppose nor promote social media. But everything should be handled with proper care and measures. For the safety of children on TikTok, they must be aware of the followings:

  • Use the Screen Time Management to adjust how long your child can spend time in TikTok, per day.
  • The Restricted Mode can help in filtering out the contents that might be inappropriate for your child. Young audiences are vulnerable thus the mature contents should be hidden.
  • Control who can see the videos and like the videos. The adjustment can be altered from everyone to friends only.
  • Do not let anyone send messages to your child directly. You can turn off the option of Direct Message in TikTok. In this way, interacting with your child with unknown people can be limited.

Is TikTok Safe for Kids? (Explained)

Another concern remains with personal data. TikTok is not a safe place to share data at all. It is very essential to know about the safety concern. Hope the above-mentioned information can create a safe place for you and your children. TikTok can be a source of creativity but, before it turns into a nightmare – it is important to follow the safety measure and make a safer platform for children to enjoy their time. And, in this scenario, only parents can take up the responsibility to ensure their safety by following the in-app safety features.


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