hair of boys on tiktok


TikTok is one of the fast growing social media platforms in recent years. It is a short-based video format that allows users to lip-sync or dance to a song. Furthermore, the app also offers various features that will enable users to showcase their talent. You will see all different types of videos being uploaded on this app. Some upload funny videos or life-hacks, while some create dance challenges.

So, are you curious to know about the latest hairstyle trending on TikTok for boys? Well, we look into it, and it’s none other than the E-boy haircut. Let’s delve into the article to know more!

What is E-boy hair?


Before getting into E-boy hair, it is essential to know what an E-boy is. It is the same as E-girls. It can be referred to as youth subculture, Where the fashion is heavily inspired by emo/punk, anime, hip-hop, and skater culture.

E-boy hair is an upgraded version of the 1990s curtains. Back then, it was popularized by Leonardo Di Caprio, River Phoenix, and Johnny Deep. The curtain haircut is easy to do if you have long hair. You can don this haircut by growing your hair and part it somewhere around the middle. Also, you can do all kinds of looks with this haircut. You can opt for a messy or smooth style. It even looks good with curly and wavy hair.

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E-boy hairstyling

If you want to get an E-boy hairstyle, the first step is parting your hair. Search for the natural parting. Wet your hair and comb straight back. Next, shake the hair with your fingers lightly like a comb. You will notice the natural detachment. Also, you can try another method. Try to shake your head side to side and see where the hair ends up. Also, you can part the hair wherever you want.

For the hair to stay intact, it is necessary to use hair products or spary. However, some hair may not require it during some seasons. So, it would be best to know your hair type.

E-boy and curly hair

eboy TIktok hairstyle

People with curly hair can also have an E-haircut. One great example of who owns the look is Timothee Chalamet. The parting can be off-center, subtle, or defined. In addition, using a good hair product will help your hair to settle and not go astray. You don’t have to worry about having curly hair. With the proper styling, it will turn out well.

E-boy hair is heavily influenced by curtain haircut. And you can style this haircut in different ways. Also, you can even style on wavy and curly hair. If it’s done right, the curtain haircut looks great on curly hair.

The different styles of E-boy hair

The curtain haircut that has been a massive trend in 1990 is coming back with E-boys popularising the look. You can put this haircut into different styling.  With Tiktok being a considerable influence among Gen Z, the E-boy haircut is trending among the youngsters.

One can style E-boy hair in different ways. And you will see boys with different hair styling. In addition, it is also essential that it suits you. The look of the E-boy hair may influence you. However, it would be best to analyze before getting the look. Also, the hair quality may vary. And you shouldn’t expect to get an exact hairstyle like the influencer.

Fortunately, there are different styles of E-boy hair. You can get a look that suits your face structure. Many people forget to do analyze first before getting styled. It would be best to see what look is best for you.

The influence of TikTok and the young generation

In the age of digital marketing, social media platform has become an essential tool. Also, the youth today are more inclined toward social media. A social platform like TIkTok has been gaining massive numbers of subscribers every day. Furthermore, the app is most sought among the younger demographic. Many TikTok creators have risen to fame and success.

The marketers have begun to notice the potential and influence it has over the young users. Advertisers have started to shift their marketing strategy towards social media. They have realized how huge the market is. Even the music labels are hiring influencers to promote the music of their artist.

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E-boy was also popularized through TikTok. Some of the E-boys have massive followers and often get brand deals and sponsorships. The traditional method of marketing is declining as more companies are approaching influencers to promote their products. They have a greater outreach with the customer as they interact with them under the comment section.