Dancing not only cuts down a lot of your calories and lets you stay in shape, but it can be so much fun too! With everyone grooving to TikTok dances, it is apparent how dance challenges are trending now. Not only are millions of
younger generations on board, but the older folks have joined the fun too. It only goes to prove the saying, the more, the merrier! For those who want a deeper insight into TikTok dance challenges, this article will lead the way.

What is a TikTok dance challenge?

A TikTok dance challenge is simply a dance video of various app users asking you to recreate the same dance moves. The users usually dance to popular soundtracks and music. Subsequently, it gathers more and more people to try it, making the dance video go trending. If you can get creative, you can add your twists and turns into the re-make of the trending dance videos and watch other people or your followers try to imitate you.

How to find the most popular TikTok dance challenges?

1. Staying Active:

Being active on the app is an excellent start to find out which dance challenges
are trending.

2. Exploring the “For You” page:

Browse through the “For You” section of the app. This app page curates video content according to your taste of music, sound, and preferences. Based on which influencers or people you follow, this page keeps changing to suit your taste. This page will help you identify which dance trends are dominating.

3. Checking out for sounds/music trending:

Another clever way to discover which dance challenges are trending is by browsing the app’s Sounds section. Most of the popular dance videos employ top trending sounds. Tapping on a particular soundtrack / sound here will show
you all the dance videos recreated using it.

4. Scrolling through the app’s “Discover” Page:

TikTok’s Discover page features many of the challenges that are trending in the community. A quick scroll through this section shows you which dance challenges are most recreated – the more people dancing to and re-creating a
particular dance video, the greater the following.

5. Watching out for hashtags:

Hashtags are employed for almost all the challenges on TikTok. A quick and easy way to find out which dance challenges are most copied is by using hashtags. Hashtags are also used to attract and gain more followers.

Tips on how to make your TikTok dance challenge go viral:

1. Choosing a dance routine everyone can groove to:

A dance challenge has more chances of blowing up if the routine steps can be performed even by amateur dancers. The easier the dance routine is, the chances are more people will get off their seats to try it.

2. Choosing the right upbeat songs/sounds:

A good sound/song choice is essential to let people groove along. Soundtracks and songs with good beats and rhythms make people want to move their bodies to the music. Make sure your choice of music has that covered.

3. Picking out a suitable background/backdrop:

An eye-catching background or one that is aesthetically pleasing to look at gives your dance videos an edge. If you dance under a beautiful sunset sky, a green lawn or, a room lit with stringed fairy lights; it is more appealing to the eyes than a bland white-painted room backdrop. Be on the lookout for a creative background setting.

4. Inviting/challenging your followers to try it:

A quick way of making sure your dance challenge goes viral is by asking your TikTok followers and supporters to try it. Uploading the dance video with catchy and clever captions and hashtags can push you up the ladder to become
an online phenomenon. For example, using captions like & quot; Can you dance to my grooves? Give it a try and tag me or using hashtags like  #NewChallengeAlert or #TryMyNewDance etc. Doing this will not only help your video go viral but get you more likes and followers

5. Get your family and friends dancing too:

The TikTok community is fond of seeing parents, old folks, and the entire family join in on the fun of re-making dance challenges. Mother-daughter duos, father-son duos, father-daughter duo dance challenges are among the top trending contents on TikTok.

Here’s a list of the top 10 songs/soundtracks trending for dance challenges:

1) Kiss me more by Doja Cat ft. SZA
2) Leave the door open by Bruno Mars
3) Cannibal by Kesha
4) I & # 39; ma survivor by Reba McEntire
5) Oops by Yung Gravy
6) I get crazy by Nicki Minaj
7) Up by Cardi B
8) Rake it up by Yo Gotti
9) Touch it by Busta Rhymes
10) Smells like teen spirit by Malia J

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