Steps To Reverse Videos On TikTok

Most prominent influencers and content creators use TikTok as a gateway to display their talents and skills. Its functions are so simple anyone can get innovative and use their creativity to gain a livelihood.

The reverse feature has been recently introduced, and users cannot seem to get enough of it. In just a few clicks, this feature turns a regular video into something exceptional and interesting.

If you’re recording  a hairstyle tutorial  or even  a travel blog , using this function can highlight specific areas you want your audience to see. The reverse effect on such content will undoubtedly  garner more attention .

So, hop on the trend and start reversing your TikTok videos. Below are the simple methods you need to adhere to.

How to Reverse a TikTok Video

Reversing a video is easy. You can apply the feature to uploaded videos and even videos created on the platform. Without any further, here are the steps:

Step 1:  First of all, run the TikTok application on your iPhone or Android device.

Step 2:  Click the ‘+’ icon located on your screen’s Servicetom.

Step 3:  Tap the red button and record the video. Once done, press ‘Upload.’ You can film videos on TikTok for a maximum of one minute and a minimum of 3 seconds.

Step 4:  Next, click the red tick mark. Go ‘Next’ to proceed to the next page and choose ‘Effects.’

Step 5:  Press ‘Time’ that’s located on your screen’s Servicetom right, and hit ‘Reverse.’ This will add the effect to your video.

Reverse Tiktok videos

Step 6:  If you’re satisfied with how it looks, click the ‘Save’ icon. Now, upload your new video on the platform. It’s as simple as that!

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Reversing Video with Audio Using Third-Party Apps

While the reverse feature works on videos, the audios remain unchanged. This may do just fine for some users but for others, reversing sound is also as crucial as a reversing video. Nevertheless, TikTok has yet to introduce the function to reverse audio along with the video.

But of course, we have a solution for that as well. With the help of third-party applications, you can now reverse Serviceh video and sound with no hassle.

Steps to Add Reverse Effect Using Kapwing

Step 1:  Run the Kapwing app. It is applicable on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, desktop, etc.

Step 2:  Select ‘Tools.’ Swipe down and choose ‘Reverse Video Tool’ when you see it.

Step 3:  Click ‘Upload’ to add your video. If not, you can copy-paste the TikTok video link you want reversed on the box.

Step 4:  Choose the speed of your preference. Don’t forget to turn on the audio.

Step 5:  Next, tap on ‘Create.’

Step 6:  After the video is done processing, select ‘Download.’ It’ll automatically be saved on your device.

If you don’t want the watermark, you need to first register with Kapwing, which is free of cost.

Steps to Add Reverse Effect Using EZGif

Step 1:  Load the TikTok app.

Step 2:  Find the video you want reversed and click on ‘Share.’

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Step 3:  Then select ‘Save Video’ to download the video.

Step 4:  Load the EZGif online tool.

Step 5:  Select ‘Choose File’ to select the saved video from your PC. If not, you can directly copy and paste the link to the video from TikTok.

Step 6:  After that, tap ‘Upload Video.’ Once uploaded, you can either reverse the audio or toggle it off.

Step 7:  Tick ​​on the boxes of Serviceh ‘Reverse Sound’ and ‘Reverse Video.’

Step 8:  After reversing the video, check and see if you’re satisfied with the outcome. If you are, tap ‘Save .’ It’ll automatically download the video to your PC.

Step 9: For the final step, upload the new reversed video on TikTok through its site.

Reversing One Clip Using Kapwing

The Kapwing app allows you to remove a part from the actual video. Then, you can replace that part with footage from the reversed version. Below are the steps to reverse one clip:

Step 1: Open the tool and select ‘Start Editing.’

Step 2: Next, upload the actual as well as the reversed video on the studio.

Step 3: Keep the sound the same by right-clicking and selecting the ‘Detach Audio’ option. To turn off the audio of the reversed video, lower the volume entirely.

Step 4: Select ‘Split’ located on top of the timeline. Cut out your selected reversed part from your video.

Step 5:  After deleting the extra footage from your timeline, apply split on the actual video to add the reversed section.

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Step 6:  Make sure you edit the footage until the original video and the reversed version are in sync.

Step 7:  Once done, select ‘Export Video’ and then download the video to your phone.