TikTok has introduced us to many strange people that otherwise we wouldn’t know existed. These people are willing to do anything to get more views on their videos. It is where we talk about the best TikTok cringe compilations.

In TikTok people tend to follow new challenges every day. There are thousands of challenges going viral on the app. But the cringy videos take it all.

Some people think that cringy is funny. From putting glue in hair to grinding teeth with a nail filer, you will get to see all sorts of crazy videos and challenges on the app.

The best TikTok cringe compilations

To help readers understand what to avoid, we have prepared the best TikTok cringe compilations

The best TikTok cringe compilations

  1. DIY vampire fangs

Even though Halloween is long gone, people aren’t over their fake vampire fangs. In the desire to get vampire fangs, some people have come up with the brilliant idea of super-gluing it to their teeth.

The hashtag Vampire Fangs has over 9 million views, which is crazy. Many people struggled to remove the fangs after fastening them with nail glue, super glue, and other adhesives. 

Dentists have said that using nail glue in the mouth can be poisonous. Also, it doesn’t come off easily.

  1. Gorilla glue girl

The gorilla glue girl gave us a lesson on what not to put on your hair. She was all over TikTok after she lathered her hair with Gorilla Glue. Her stupidity was also covered by some local news channels.

She may have done it for a few extra views, but it landed her in hospital. She had to get the glue removed surgically which took her almost 4 hours.

However, this act of stupidity might not stick as she received $20,000 in donations along with hundreds of free hair products. She even got a full-time agent.

  1. Tooth filing

If you have a crooked smile, you go to the dentist to get it fixed. But people on TikTok like to take matters into their own hands. In the toothless TikTok challenge, you can see people filing their teeth with a nail file.

It is a reshaping process that is done by a dentist. But these young people managed to shake the dental community. 

According to dentists, using a nail file to shape your teeth causes irreparable damage. It destroys your teeth and makes them sensitive.

  1. Plumping pout with erection cream

Yes, you read that right! TikTok cosmeticians thought that it will be great to use erection cream on their lips to make them look pouty and so they did.

While some of them did succeed in fluffing their flappers, others had to stop early because of the strong burning sensation.

Once again doctors had to intervene to let people know that this hack can be dangerous as it can have adverse reactions like blisters, soreness, and swelling. It might also fluctuate blood pressure.

  1. Corn cob challenge

This is another crazy challenge that went viral on TikTok. In this challenge, TikTokers affixed a corn cob to a spinning drill, so that they can eat it at speed.

It gained a lot of attention after Jason Derulo chipped a tooth while performing this challenge.

However, that didn’t stop others from doing the challenge.

  1. Skull breaker challenge

It is what you think it is. In the desire to gain more views and followers, people are even willing to risk injuries. This crazy challenge reportedly originated in Venezuela and soon went viral on the app.

It involves three friends jumping next to each other as the middle guy’s feet are kicked by the bookending buds. This makes the person land on their back and hit their head in the process.

This is a dangerous challenge that has caused numerous injuries, most of which are reported in New Jersey, Miami, and Arizona. It is also condemned by doctors for its potential to cause life-threatening injuries.

  1. Pee your pants challenge

There’s no limit to what people can do for views. This kind of challenge shows that humanity has gone insane.

There’s this TikToker who came up with this crazy challenge of peeing their pants and grossing out viewers. But it didn’t stop with them as more people started doing the challenge.

In just a matter of time, the challenge went viral, and there were thousands of videos of people peeing in their pants. People making these videos were not only shameless, but they felt proud while recording them.

  1. Frozen honey challenge

It is another stupid challenge that took over TikTok a few months back. The Frozen Honey Challenge is all about filling up a bottle with honey, freezing it, and then eating it.

It might sound normal, but there was a girl who did this challenge and felt sick immediately. She had down the whole bottle of frozen honey at once and felt nauseous. Later she said that she won’t do it again.

The best TikTok cringe compilations

The same challenge was performed by many people. Some of them were fine, while others had little side-effects.

TikTok was invented to make entertaining video clips. But people have taken it to another level. Some of these crazy challenges are fine, but some of them are dangerous. Before you jump into performing a TikTok challenge you must always consider the consequences of your actions.

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