don't be suspiciousHave you ever wondered about the origin of the don’t be suspicious audio on TikTok? If you are a fan of the Parks and Recreation series, you would probably have heard this sound? To the non-fans, it is from one of the scenes in the series. Although the show ended in 2015, its legacy lived on through TikTok’s sound.

The story behind it

The series features the two most iconic characters, namely Mona Lisa and Jean-Ralphio. The actors are AJenny Slate and Ben Schwartz play the characters. The series finale has an episode where Jean-Ralphio faked his death to collect his life insurance money.

Along with his twin sister Mona Lisa, they plan to stage his death to get the insurance money. After getting the money, they plan to go to Tajikistan and open a casino with the fund. They spy his funeral service behind a tree to make sure their plan works out. The duo makes their great escape while Mona sings Don’t be suspicious & quot; to her brother. He also sings back, and both started to dance as well. It led to blowing up their cover and the hilarity ensues. You might have seen the clip on Youtube. It has over five million views!

They don’t be suspicious audio surprisingly garnered popularity on TikTok. It has millions of likes and is one of the most popular sounds on this app. In addition, it also has a hashtag of over 1.2 billion views. The audio has been used in more than 775,000 videos. It became a huge viral sound that was used by people of all ages.

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So how did an age-old video became a trend, especially among the GenZ? So, some don’t even know the origin of the song. However, with the easy accessibility to the internet, nothing can remain hidden. So, creativity has no limit currently. TikTok has a vast young demographic. So, it is strangely astounding to get this audio trending among the youngsters.

Users in TikTok use the audio to highlight suspicious behavior. Also, some users use the sound in videos of bizarre animal behavior, secret pranks, and life hacks. It has become a trend and was the center of discussion on various social media platforms. Surprisingly enough, not many were aware of the origin of the audio.

It’s no surprise that social media has a massive impact on our life. It has its pros and cons. However, one cannot deny the opportunity it offers on the creative front.

don't be suspicious

The impact of TikTok sound on Billboard chart.

TikTok is growing fast, and in the process, it has also helped surfaced sounds from different videos. Many old videos have resurfaced and caught a whiff of popularity. The app has become a powerful tool for music artists. Interestingly, it also helped songs chart on Billboard. Snippets from old tv-series and YouTube videos might have caught in the trending sounds on TikTok. However, it has helped songs of different artists to chart on Billboard
music. Some of the songs used by users on TikTok have impacted positively on the music chart.

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Many music labels have taken notice of the impact it has on their artist’s music. The social app has garnered significant dominance over the music industry. Now music marketers reached out to TikTok creators to promote
music. It has become an essential source of income for TikTok creators. Most of the song that goes viral on TikTok ends up on Billboard or Spotify viral 50. Also, many people explore new streaming services. The app has become a
significant influence over music streaming services. It has become a go-to app for many artists to promote their music. Some influencers earn hundred or thousand of dollars for a video they promote on a particular track of an artist.

Major artists like Drake collaborated with Toosie, an influencer for his song Toosie slide. Toosie choreographed the piece and posted it on TikTok. It has amassed over 500,000 videos, and that impact positively on Billboard 100.

Furthermore, the song has reached the number one Billboard chart. TikTok now even has an internal division for music that monitors music trends on the app. They also have promo levers to boost the popularity of a song. In
addition, songs are added in the sound section with keywords to optimize the discoverability of the music.

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Furthermore, some labels hire twenty TikTok influencers to promote their artist’s songs. It has become a significant influence for artists. TikTok is growing in every aspect, and we cannot deny its considerable impact on music. This platform heavily influences the young generation, and it will grow more.