TikTok is a pure sensation among people of all age groups. From kids to adults, the app has attracted everyone. If you are planning to do some TikTok videos, these are the best TikTok trends of 2022that you should try right away. We have listed some of the viral TikTok trends for you to try. If you are planning to build your popularity, you should try out these trends

If you are into TikTok purely for entertainment purposes, then these trends are perfect as they are filled with so many fun elements. No one would have ever thought TikTok would become this viral. It is now one of the sensational apps in many countries. 

these are the best TikTok trends of 2022

Why should you keep track of TikTok trends? TikTok trends are video ideas and templates that are performed by millions of people. As these ideas are trending, your TikTok video will be noted and your profile will gain the attraction of millions if you try out these trends. A trend can be a challenge or dance or music. When a trend starts gaining reach, TikTokers will recreate the trend, making it widely popular.

DMs into quotes

Changing funny and strange DMs into quotes is one of the new TikTok trends in 2022. People turn the funny DMs that they receive into quotes and upload them as a video on TikTok. These quotes are presented in a template with an aesthetic appearance. TikTok makes the video funnier by adding their expressions to the TikTok video.  

  • Signature dance movements

Movies very often release songs that become viral and are addictive. Keep a watch on trending songs in your desired language. Sometimes people of a particular language try out dancing to a song that is in a language they don’t even understand. Still, they groove to the song’s obsessive music and beats. Therefore, signature dance movements from albums or film songs always create a trend in TikTok. Look out for current viral dances and make a TikTok video on that. 

  • Viral filter

Filters are common with apps. Every month or so, a filter becomes popular and trending. You can see almost everyone making TikTok videos using that filter. Some filters will first show the original version of you and then glam you up using makeup. Similarly, some filters are based on films, artists, or Disney characters. You can try out any of the trending filters to make a TikTok video.

  • Magical transitions 

In TikTok, you would have seen beautiful transitions. Transition is used to change from one frame to another frame. There are some magical transitions offered by TikTok editing tools. Some of these transitions will trend from time to time. You can make use of them to stay on top of the trend. 

  • Candids with family

Another common TikTok trend in 2022 is the capturing of candid moments with family. TikTok records their mom, dad, grandma, or siblings in a video filled with slight humor and smiles. You can explore your creativity by planning how you want your family to be captured and made a video. You can also include blooper shots to add more fun to your video.

  • Hair makeovers

The next trend in TikTok is the hair makeover. This is a simple and interesting challenge. You would have seen TikTokers changing to different hairstyles in a single video. This may be done by using filters or TikTok in-app editing tools. Changing your hair can make you look different and funny. Different kinds of hair challenges pop up on TikTok now and then and make a trend. 

  • Major throwbacks 

these are the best TikTok trends of 2022

Throwbacks are always special! There are several throwback or flashback challenges in TikTok. One of the throwback challenges includes “This is how I looked 10 years ago”. A user will post his/her photo taken 10 years ago and then post the current photo. The transition in the last 10 years will be something interesting to watch. There are also family throwback trends like the above one. 

  • Pop / Series culture

TV series and pop trends are always active on TikTok. Example: Friends is one of the most-watched and popular series of all time. There are different filters and trends based on this show. You can also engage in a trend based on the series/pop culture of your choice. There is also a trend called the main character trend, in which you will showcase yourself through a popular fictional character. 

  • Aesthetic themes 

Aesthetic themes are appealing to the eyes. TikTok users often do videos on aesthetic appeals by posting an aesthetic video. Sometimes these themes will also be related to your favorite series or show. Example: Dark Academia. This trend can be used by business people such as those who own a brand or collection. You can try pleasing your audience aesthetically by showcasing your products and collections. You can also showcase your works or portfolios. 

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We think you are now convinced these are the best TikTok trends of 2022. As you are familiar with some of the popular trends, start trying them right away to increase the reach of your TikTok profile. Remember to always add your creativity to the existing trend. Stand out from your peers!