The saying that there is more than what meets the eye accurately describes Tiktok. Tiktok may look like your regular dance video app. However, once you take a look inside its myriad of content, you are never going to think the same.

Hence, in the same line, you will find the fashion and clothing videos among its content. Tiktok has been changing trends, and it’s time to check out what’s in you. Coincidently, it’s autumn, and it’s the time for you to flaunt the outfits that Tiktok has been raving about.

Here’s a list of the top ten trending outfits you must try-

Boyfriend Blazers

Not everyone has a boyfriend from whom one can borrow (steal) hoodies and blazers. So, if you’re single as a pringle in the big world out there, you can opt for a relationship-less alternative: the boyfriend blazer.

These blazers are oversized as they come. They add aesthetics to your overall appearance. And they are super cozy and eye-pleasing.

Mini plaid/pleated skirts

The autumn and winter months are the best time for experimenting with outfits that exude dark academia vibes. And if you’re interested in such a style, then mini plaid skirts are a must. Pair the skirt with an oversized cropped jumper and complete the look with clean lace-up ankle boots.

You can further experiment more by adding extra accessories like a wallet chain. And to protect yourself from the cold winds, you can combine the outfit with plain dark stockings.


I don’t know if I have said it enough, but vests are an all-time favorite. And the best thing is that they suit almost every body type. With a vintage and modern look, they can make your dress go from regular to classy. You can wear them over a long sleeve shirt. And for the bottoms, you can choose from skirts, shorts, formal pants to jeans. In other words, they match any bottom wear.

Vests will also keep you warm and fuzzy. And they are the ideal pick for an outwear that says, ‘I’m never boring’.

trending outfitsShirt with a layer of Jump shirt/T-shirt

You guessed it right. This is the outfit most e-boys on Tiktok are popularizing. But what can you say? This style is so cool and edgy. And if you’re someone who is into trying out new techniques, then you better add this outfit to your list. You’re not going to regret it.

For pulling out this look, you will first need to wear a long sleeve shirt. Over it, you can either wear a T-shirt or a jump shirt. It’s your choice. If you’re wearing a collared shirt underneath, then make sure to poke out the collars. To this edgy outfit, you can add accessories like a necklace or a wallet chain. And you can choose to complete the look with a warm and soft beanie over your head.

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Monochrome outfit

It’s classy. It’s chic. It’s monochrome.

Choosing a single color for your overall outfit may not be easy, but it is certainly worth the effort. A monochrome outfit is something you can wear to formal and informal gatherings. It helps you blend into any environment. With clothing of all shades available, you can have even up to five monochrome outfits.

Knitted sweaters

Loose knitted sweaters are on everyone’s FYP, and it’s understandable why. They look chic and add innocence to the overall appearance. You can wear it with almost everything. Furthermore, exposed socks and sneakers would be the perfect match for footwear. Plus, necklaces and a quilted handbag are some accessories that will enhance the outfit.

Baggy Jeans

The Gen Zs of Tiktok, who populate the most on the app, have canceled skinny jeans. And there’s nothing you can say. Who would have thought that skinny jeans could go out of trend? Yet, here we are. But the good news is its replacement: the High-waist baggy jeans!

These pants are not only trending but also super comfy. They will go best with a tight-knit full-sleeve sweater or with a sleeveless body-fit turtleneck woolen top. And if you’re into K-pop, then you can even find your favorite K-pop artists sporting these looks styled with a bucket hat.

Denim Jackets

If there’s one thing that can never go out of trend, then it is our one and only- Denim Jackets. I don’t need to say more.

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Animal Prints

Outfits with animal prints are considered old-fashioned. But that’s precisely what Tiktok is favoring. Needless to say, the animal print style is here to stay and slay.


Tie-dye jumpsuits

From Kylie Jenner, Charlie D’ Amelio to almost every influencer you can name, they all wear tie-dye jumpsuits. And it’s time you give it go as well. Once you try them on, you will wish for them to become the standard human uniform. Most people have added this outfit to their wardrobe because of its fame. And the same people are unable to stop wearing them because the tie-dye jumpsuits are more than a trend. They are the comfort-wear.

The best part is the fact that you can even make your tie-dye jumpsuit. And if you can get good at it, then you could even open your merch. And starting a merch business through Tiktok is easy when you have some extra hands to help you.


Retro and comfortable outfits are the main elements of the trending garments. These styles are getting the most views and likes on the app. And the idea you can learn from here is that even you can create a trending outfit. All you will need is a high follower count and a great outfit. So, get busy. But first, make sure you try out the outfits from the list.