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TikTok is a short-based video social platform growing fast, especially among Gen Z. You & # 39; d be surprised by the amount of creativity and talent that beholds in this app. It has allowed people to showcase their talent by doing a different form of art. Some may think it is useless or a waste of time. However, if it is used wisely, then it can open many opportunities.

The app is owned by a Chinese tech giant called ByteDance. It has gained millions of downloads worldwide. But some countries banned TikTok due to various factors. However, this social media platform is growing fast over the years. You will see ample talent being showcased on this platform. In addition, it has also become an excellent tool for marketing. You will see influencers having sponsorship deals with different brands. It has allowed creator to earn more. However, if you want to get deals and offers, you need good traffic to your site. In short, you should have a good number of followers.

Also, your content should be unique and creative. Funny videos are great to watch and helps us to de-stress. It requires talent to make hilarious videos and make people laugh. Some people may have the notion that it’s simple and easy, but it’s hard. You’d be shocked to see a multitude of talented, funny videos on TikTok. It offers a platform for users to utilize their talents. Despite the allegations, this social media is a great platform to showcase talent if appropriately used.

funny tiktokFive funniest videos on TikTok to brighten your day

We thought of sharing with you some of the hilarious videos on TikTok to make your day better. You can check out the list below:

1. Quarantine mood swings

The fun yet emotional video from the user Stokes twins is a delightful watch. Watching the video makes you grin naturally. It would best describe a perfect combo of fun and emotional trigger about the video. Despite arguments and differences, there is always love and affection towards our loved and dear ones. And this video cleverly showcases these emotions.

2. Funny animals

If you are an animal lover, you should check this video from the user leojesus23. We assure you that it will leave a smile on your face. The owner left the cats alone in the house and told them to be good. By looking at the video, it seems the cat is dominating as compared to the dogs. When the owner comes back, he is shocked to see fights between the cats and dogs.

3. Libruan was coming

This video is from the user proteinhewami. It means two dogs were on a motorbike. With their goggles on, these two cuties were out on a ride in their little bike. It’s a proud moment for the dog community, and laughter ensues for the humans. We also appreciate the effort made by the person and the dogs.

4. Catfights

We can’t help but put another animal video on the list. What can we do! They are adorable creatures that have in-built humor. This particular video is from user @thesnobcats. Here you see two cats fighting funnily. In addition, the Bollywood music playing in the background makes it super hilarious.

5. Crazy phone skipping

Twin melody is a popular Tiktok creator. Their videos are popular and make fun yet creative content. For this particular video, many users term it as super crazy. In the video, it seems like they are doing a challenge but the phone skipping the footage turns out to be funny. It’s a mix of fun and creativity. In addition, you can also watch this compilation of funny videos of TikTok if you want more.

The process of making funny TikTok videos

Making fun and entertaining videos is not easy. Everyone has different perspectives and outlooks towards life. What you find funny might not seem funny to another individual. Hence, making a funny video is not easy; however, you can put forth ideas if you have creative ideas. Eventually, it all began with an idea. Furthermore, the concept is also essential. Your content must stand out among others to gain more views.

In addition, if you want to get more likes, then use other social media platforms to promote your video. With the right promotional strategy, your content will reach many users. However, you should be clear about what you want to make. Be clear with your ideas and creative process. Also, be careful not to hurt the sentiments of any section of society through your video. Try to make content that will appeal to the general public.