Making TikTok second account

With millions of daily active users, TikTik is one of the most popular social media platforms of today’s day and age. Every day more and more users are joining TikTok for different reasons. Some users even go on to make a second account to keep business and private affairs separate. This is possible because TikTok does not restrict users from creating multiple accounts.

If you have a look at most of the successful influencers, they have more than one accounts. Having more than one account is a great idea, especially for content creators and influencers. This does not mean that people who use TikTok simply to view content cannot benefit from having an additional account. Whether you’re just a viewer on TikTok or you’re a creator, having a second account has its own usefulness.

Logging Out To Create A New Account

The good news for people looking to create a second account on TikTok is that there are two ways you can go about it. Both ways are simple and easy. For the first method, you will need to log out of your account and go to the signup page.

  1. Log out from your TikTok account. To do this, press on the profile icon at the bottom of your TikTok page. On the top, you’ll see three lines. Click on that. Select privacy and settings and then tap on the log-out option.
  2. Once you are logged out, you’ll be directed to the signup page. This is where you’ll be creating your new TikTok account.
  3. Select any of the options to signup. If you used your email to create your existing TikTok account, then try using your phone number to create the new account.
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Make second account on TikTok

4. You cannot make a new account with the same email. TikTok will inform you that the email is already in use for another account. So, make sure you have different emails, or try using any of the other alternatives such as google account, phone number, apple id, or even Facebook and Twitter.

5. Once you’re done entering all the necessary details, your second account is ready to use. Simply log in using the details of your new account.

There’s no denying that TikTok has taken the world by storm is changing the lives of many people. This is why more people are interested in creating more than one TikTok account. It increases the chances of them being more successful on this platform, especially if they are creators.

Adding A Second Account

If you do not want to endure the hassle of logging out to create a new account, then there’s another easy way for you. TikTok makes it easy for users to create and add a new account in just a few simple steps.

  1. Launch your TikTok app and head on over to the “Me” section. It is located at the bottom right side of the screen.
  2. Once you’re on your profile page, navigate upwards. At the top of the screen, you will see your username along with a dropdown arrow. Click on that.
  3. After your click on the dropdown arrow, you’ll see a dropdown menu that says “add account.” Tap on that option.
  4. This will direct you to the signup page. You need to create a new account here using different login details and information.
  5. If you signup using your phone number, you’ll receive a verification code. Enter the code, and you’re all done.
  6. Other options also include using your google id, apple id, or linking with other social media platforms such as Facebook and even Twitter.
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Why Make A Second Account?

There are many reasons why people choose to make multiple TikTok accounts. However, it is among creators and influencers that we see a maximum of multiple accounts. Have you ever wondered why? It’s simple. Having multiple TikTok accounts increases the visibility, reach, the engagement, and thereby, it allows them to become more popular and successful.

Making a second account also helps manage the business and private matters better. If you’re a content creator who promotes products, sells merchandise, and even endorses services and brands, then having a second account will help manage your business better. You can have a business account and a personal account with different sets of followers and audiences.

When TikTok users make a second account, they also increase the chances of gaining more followers. They will have two accounts with two different sets of followers. They can promote one account on the other account and so on.

For non-content creators, having a second account can help them change interests and view different types of content from different accounts. They can use one account for funny videos and the other for informative videos, among other things.