Social media platforms are growing at an alarmingly high rate. TikTok is definitely on the top of the list. If you don’t know what is TikTok, it is a video content-based platform where creators can create short videos of up to 60 seconds.

Besides general content, TikTok can be used to create informative and educational content as well. It has a complete editing system on the app, which makes the content creation process less complicated.

Despite the platform growing at an alarmingly faster rate, growing your account from scratch is not the easiest. TikTok easily averages around 1 billion+ active users every month. So, competition is pretty rough on the platform. 

This post will discuss some of the best ways you can grow your TikTok account from scratch organically.

Focus on the content

what is TikTok

When you are competing against billion other TikTok creators, you have to somehow ensure that your content is unique and one of a kind. It is not up for discussion and is not something you can brush to the side. If you fail to produce unique and interactive content, people will move ahead to the next best account they come across. So, maintaining quality in the content is crucial.

  • Have good lighting

Although not 100% mandatory, we’d recommend, that you have good lighting wherever you are shooting the content. It is a requirement you can’t brush aside. If your video is hazy, gloomy, and doesn’t stand out amidst the other options, chances are that your account’s visibility won’t be as diverse as you are expecting. So, try to shoot in natural light or get some ring lights for the set-up.

  • Hop on the trends

TikTok is famous for its trends. It could be a new transition trend or a new dance trend or even a recipe that has somehow gone viral. The options are diverse. All you have to do is take advantage of these trends. When you look up what is TikTok, chances are that you will find one or more trends that have put this social media platform at the forefront. So, make the most out of these ongoing trends to further amplify your credibility on the platform.

  • Link to your Instagram

Cross-promoting is extremely important on TikTok. Since the platform has the potential to help you go viral out of nowhere, we’d recommend that you link your external profiles for maximum exposure. If you are leveraging your TikTok to grow your Instagram account, make use of it. Link it in the description or even the bio of your TikTok account. The more you cross-promote, the easier it becomes to grow.

  • Post educational content

And, by educational, we don’t mean you have to sit down and teach your followers about school subjects. Educational content can be facts and trivia about our history, it could be a true-crime podcast, which you do in 60 seconds, or it could be a recipe that you tried the other day. The choices are diverse. All you have to do is ensure that you provide value to the audience who are spending their time watching the videos.

  • Make use of hashtags

If you think hashtags are dead, think again. The use of hashtags will continue to be important, especially when you are trying to grow your TikTok account from scratch. Using relevant hashtags allows you to reach your target audience more quickly. Also, try to limit the usage of hashtags in the descriptions. You don’t want to overstuff but at the same time, you don’t want to do too little. It is one thing for popular TikTok creators to not use hashtags but if you are new, you’d need them.

  • Collaborate with other creators

what is TikTok

As a beginner on TikTok, you aren’t the only creator struggling to grow your account. There are hundreds of other creators who are on the same page as you. Why not take advantage of each other? You can reach out to other new creators with a small following and cross-promote your content. You can either share each other’s videos or you can do a stitched video to further raise awareness about your content type and popularity.

  • Be mindful of the timing

When you know what is TikTokyou also need to know how to ensure maximum reach of your content. Timing is what makes all the difference. When you post the video on your account makes a lot of difference, especially if you are just starting. The best way to know that would be by checking the insights. You’d know which time of the day or which day of the week your audience engages the most with your content.

  • Be consistent

Last but not least is consistency. The easiest way to grow your TikTok account is to be consistent with your content. Post quality content, all the while ensuring to engage with your audience and make the most out of the experience. Sometimes, posting regularly allows you to gain a more dedicated audience.

Growing on any social media platform requires patience, consistency, and quality. So, it isn’t surprising that’s exactly what you need to grow on TikTok as well. This post gets deep into some of the tried and tested hacks that allow your TikTok account to grow from 0 to millions. Just ensure that you implement these strategies and never forego the quality of your content.

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