When to post on Tiktok A time to stay online and a time to remain offline! There’s a time for everything, just like how there is a time to post on Tiktok.


Tiktok is not your everyday app. It is a platform where one can market themselves or their products and services without spending a dime. But your target audience may never know you if your post is never visible when they’re online. The whole point of marketing is down the drain. So, yes, knowing when to post on Tiktok is necessary. And by coming here, you’re one step ahead in the game.


Know your Audience

The key to gaining views is to know your audience. Here are some details you will need to cover-


To which part of the world does your audience belong? Are they on the other end of the globe from you? If yes, how can you manage your schedule? These are questions for which you must search and know the answers.


Are you targeting a male or female audience? And which age group of people will find your service or posts relevant? Once again, prepare yourself by answering these crucial doubts.

Online time

Not everyone is going to be on Tiktok at the same time. And not everyone is going to use it for the same period. So, it becomes necessary for you to understand your audience’s demographic before you can learn their Tiktok usage pattern. For example, if your target audience is of the age group between 14-20, then it’s likely that they spend the most time on Tiktok.

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So, research and figure out the answers to the above questions to thoroughly understand your audience. Only by doing so will you find it easy to figure out the best time to post on the app.


When to post on Tiktok Tools that will help you study your audience

Acquire and make use of tools that will make the process quick and easy. For instance, upgrading your Tiktok to a Pro account will be pretty handy. It will provide details and analytics that will help you understand your followers. Additionally, you can also get help from a third party to increase the chances of getting your videos liked.


Do your homework

Apart from looking at numbers and getting professional opinions, it would help to do your homework. Study and analyze your audience. Check if there’s any typical pattern from your previous posts. This self-analysis may not have much impact, but the effort you put into understanding will surely not go in vain.


Schedule your posts

The world does not revolve only around a single person. So, while it may be time for your cozy sleep, your audience overseas may be having their morning breakfast. And this fact we have covered above. So here’s what you can do to post at the best time. You can take assistance from integrating apps that automatically post content on scheduled timings.

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Now, since Tiktok doesn’t have an in-built feature yet, you may have to rely on these integrating apps. Some prominent apps you can trust are Crowdfire, Loomly, Later, and Social Pilot. However, they come at a cost. There is always the cheaper alternative, which is the Tiktok scheduler. It is free for everyone.

By scheduling your posts, you can receive double benefits. You get your rest, and you get your work done.


Best time to post on weekdays

The best time to post is always going to depend on your target audience. However, if you’re still new and want a basic idea, the best time to post on weekdays will be during the morning and evening hours.


Best time to post on weekends

Posting on the weekends may seem like a great idea. But several data analytics do not agree with that. It’s usually during the busy hours of the week when people like to dwindle on Tiktok. However, if you must post content, it would be advisable to do it during the evening hours.

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Never post during these hours

As mentioned, avoid posting on weekends, especially on Sundays. However, there are no hard and fast rules about the perfect timing. If your audience group seems active on Sundays, then there’s no stopping you.


Why does timing matter?

Let me answer this question by listing the benefits you can reap from posting during the ideal time.

  • It will help you gain views and increase your follower count.
  • Whether you’re selling your merch or advertizing a client’s product, you will get to understand your audience’s needs.
  • Posting at the right time will improve your profile and help you gain many followers. Although you can always check out other means of building your profile, it is satisfying to do it on your own.
  • The opportunity to work with fellow influencers is also on the list.