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TikTok has everything from your favorite dancing videos to dramatic skits and makeup content. You get to watch everything in less than a minute for the most part, and the content is always interesting and educational too. Regardless of your niche, you will always come across millions of these videos that will catch your attention.

The best part would be when you come across viral videos that are infectious to watch. When you watch these videos, you will see how creative, on-point, and humourous they are. You will also feel inspired to do the same, and the next minute you know, you just might just be the next upcoming TikTok star.

Concept of TikTok

TikTok consists of a video application from China and has been present since 2016. The app was able to expand its growth towards the western countries when it purchased its popular precursor, i.e., “” It allows its users to make short films by using a collection of innovative and effective tools available in the app.

Here, the users tend to dance, sing, lip-sync, teach, entertain through comedy, or even re-enact iconic movie scenes. The possibilities in this platform are endless. TikTok caters to every single age group, but the majority of its users fall under the age of 20 and below.

TikTok Videos With The Most Views

videos with mot views

Now, let us break down some of the most viewed videos on TikTok. Most of the TikTokers on this list garnered their fame through these videos:

Harry Potter’s Illusion by Zach King

The first video on our list is the iconic “Harry Potter Illusion” by Zach King. This viral video has obtained a crazy 2.2 billion views. But once you watch the video, you will understand why it brought the number of views that it did. Zach jokes about how his Hogwarts application got rejected, but he still managed to find a way to become an official wizard. Everybody who uses TikTok is aware of this video, and it’s very rare for people not to have seen this video. We won’t be revealing the magic here! Go and watch it for yourself.

The Transition of Xmas Wonderland by James Charles

Hi Sisters! 2nd on our list is the very iconic and talented beauty guru, James Charles. Well, one thing is for sure; James Charles isn’t just killing it on YouTube but on TikTok as well. He is raking in all the views on YouTube and TikTok, and we are all here for it. The title of this viral video is “Welcome to the Sisters Christmas Party.” The video has a whopping 1.7 billion views. But James Charles also has other amazing videos with all types of content, from singing and dancing to makeup and transformation.

Hide & Seek by Zach King

The Hide & Seek is another illusion video by Zach King, who is undoubtedly the King of TikTok. He climbs a mirror and disappears for creating an illusion that is downright impressive. He does in repeatedly in the video, and the viewers are always left stunned by his tricks and the way he does things. In total, this creative video has brought in over 1.1 billion views.

Cake Glass by Zach King

For the 4th spot, we have our dearest Zach King again. Here, the cake looks like a glass of water, and it’s another illusion video. We won’t be revealing how the video goes down because you need to watch it for yourself. But one thing’s for sure; Zach King knows what he is doing, and he is marvelous at it. You will be left pondering on how he successfully poured water into a glass cake. Overall, the video has over 965.8 million views, very close to a billion, along with 13.2 million likes because he deserves it.

Wet Paint Loop by Zach King

At this point, we should just proclaim him as our official TikTok majesty. He has done it again with his creativity in this iconic paint loop video. In this video, he is cleverly playing with perspective and perfectly looping the videos. This illusion video also must have taken a lot of planning, time, and work. The video is currently sitting on top of 659.2 million views because why not?

“M To The B” by Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is a breath of fresh air in the TikTok community with her cute and innocent looks. Her iconic “M To The B” has accumulated over 610.8 million views. In the video, she is bopping her head and lip-syncing to Millie’s viral track. She posted the video back in August 2020, and it has gone viral ever since. The video is also responsible for her success in TikTok.

Smiling Infant by Daeox

This video of a lovely baby was uploaded back in December 2020. Everybody that watches this video can’t help but “Aww” over it. This video has a whopping 375.2 million views, along with 33.4 million likes. If you are a kid lover, then you need to watch this cute video.