Have you ever watched a viral TikTok video and immediately began searching for the song by furiously typing the lyrics? I assure you, you are not alone. Music is a universal language of the soul. TikTok songs and lyrics are carefully selected to spark a particular emotion and curiosity over the listener. You will also notice that influencers don’t simply use any part of the song or lyrics in their videos. The portion of the vocals and lyrics they choose are specific and different for each music and video. They use only those groovy, catchy, funny, or sad parts of the song to let it linger in your head after you’ve heard them.

Clever of  them, isn’t it?
Many music artists pay money to get in touch with big TikTok influencers to make their songs go viral. That is why many of the viral songs are relatively new. However, most TikTokers use already viral pieces in their videos in hopes of going viral and getting followers and likes.


TikTok song lyrics are nothing but a new trend of expressing your feelings or emotions through tunes and words in a video. Usually when you see a viral

TikTok video, you see some form of activity. It could be a funny video, a challenge video, a prank, or a trending dance move. A TikTok song lyric video cuts down all the drama and focuses on the message and emotions behind the songs and lyrics. In this world, while everyone is busy and fighting for attention, sometimes it’s refreshing to take a step back and enjoy the blissfulness of a song.

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TikTok song lyric videos are also great ways to reach out and share those beautiful songs and lyrics with your followers and special ones. Many vocals and lyrics are packed with emotions and messages, and it’s a perfect way to let your crush know what you think about them without you saying anything.


If you are on TikTok every day, you probably know what ‘ s trending on TikTok, TikTok song lyrics included. The trending also depends on which region you are currently staying in. What ‘ s trending in North America may not be trending in Asia or Europe. Some TikTok song lyrics attract worldwide appeal. In no particular
order, here are 15 trending TikTok song lyrics of 2021 are –

1) Death bed- Powfu
2) Obsessed- Mariah Carey

3) Snowman- Sia
4) Rockstar- Dababy
5) You can’t touch this- MC Hammer
6) Body- Megan Thee Stallion
7) How you like that- Blackpink
8) Don’t start now- DuaLipa
9) The box- Roddy Ricch
10) Say so- Doja Cat
11) Can we kiss forever- Kina
12) Cradles- Sub Urban
13) You know I ‘ ll go get- RizkyAyuba
14) Take it off- Kesha
15) American boy- Estelle

Do you know all the songs? If you do, congratulations! You’re somebody who knows what’s going on in the TikTok scene. Don’t worry, even if you know some of them, you’re still good. You will notice that not all the songs on TikTok that go viral are new. Some are old or not very recent. Good music is timeless! It invokes happiness and nostalgia and doesn’t have expiry dates.

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Earlier, you could make only 60 seconds TikTok videos. Now, that duration has been extended to 3 minutes. The update is perfect for TikTok song lyrics because you want to enjoy songs for as long as possible.
Follow these simple steps, and you will also be able to make and share TikTok song lyrics to your followers and your loved ones-

● Download TikTok and open the app
● Browse for your fav song and click & add to favorites.
● Next, click on “use this sound.”
● After loading, click on photo templates and select a template of your liking

● Now, choose a photo that will serve as the background for the video
● Choose a couple of photos and click okay at the top right
● Click on the music icon on the bottom left, go-to favorites, and select the
song you just want saved
● Next, click on the Aa icon and choose the font style and color of your
● Now type in the lyrics of the song or a message you want to share
● Size up the fonts and drag them to your preferred location on the screen
● Click on set duration and set the timer for the lyrics by dragging the red line
below to adjust the timing.
● Again, click on the Aa icon to type another line and repeat the process
● After you’re done, click next and then click post!

Now that you have learned to make TikTok song lyrics, share your taste in music with your followers, or dedicate a song for your special someone. If you want to expand your reach, you can buy more likes or buy followers as we provide attractive TikTok marketing packages on our website.

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