TikTok follower tracker

The explosion that TikTok has become in the phase of social media is phenomenal. Celebrities, musicians, actors etc., have TikTok accounts and millions of followers. With more than a billion TikTok users globally and counting, it is necessary to know and understand who your followers are. If you are serious about TikTok as an influencer or for marketing, keeping track of your follower is just what you need to do. To be successful or to be an influencer on TikTok you need to have followers. However, to make sure you have a solid dedicated follower, it is vital to know your followers.

The TikTok follower tracker is just the right tool to keep track of the precious followers. Even though you have been using TikTok for a while or are new to TikTok, understanding its analytics is essential. Learning to use the right metrics of TikTok can go a long way to use it for your leverage point.

Know your follower

A follower is someone who follows your videos, posts, and account on TikTok. When users see certain contents which align with their niche, they start following you. In most cases, users will follow you after watching your videos or content. Not every follower you have is a human follower. Several times there are Services that messes with the algorithm of TikTok and can give you false metrics while making content strategy. Accurate metrics will help you compare with other users and keep track of genuine quality followers.

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96 Why do we need a TikTok follower tracker?

Knowing your followers will help you in organizing the direction of your content. There are high chances that people follow you for a different reason. But there will also be a bulk of followers who follow for similar content and interest. Tracking these kinds of data about the content engagement is essential in giving you the right direction of creating content. It will help you cater to the regular followers on a deeper level and maintain those follows.

Engagement with the followers is the key to your TikTok success. The videos and content that you create should make followers come back to your page over and over again. TikTok follower tracker will supplement your engagement with the followers by chiselling your content to one which has quality.

TikTok follower tracker

The TikTok follower tracker is available to the user through the TikTok Pro. Switching from your regular TikTok account to TikTok Pro will help you start tracking. The difference between pro and regular TikTok account is basically that of analytics. The TikTok pro account will help you measure the audience and performance insight, monitor views, know the followers and more.

Here is a quick guide to switching from a regular to a TikTok pro account.

  1. Open your TikTok profile page. From the profile page, click on the three dots that are available on the upper right corners.
  2. From dropbox choose to Manage My Account.
  3. Click on the Switch to pro account option.
  4. You can select the appropriate category and gender.
  5. If you have not signed up with your phone number, you’ll be asked to add one, followed by the confirmation code you receive on the phone.

After switching to TikTok pro, it will take seven days to give you data on your activities. You can always opt back to a regular TikTok account from the TikTok pro account. To do so, on your TikTok profile, click on the three dots on the right upper screen. Tab on the Manage my account option. On the dropbox scroll down and click on the Switch back to Personal Account.

The TikTok pro account features will give you deep insight into the statistics and analytics of your followers. It will present you with information with visualized graphs for a better understanding. With the TikTok pro, you can see weekly to monthly views, map the follower growth, and track your trending videos and content.

The data presented by the TikTok Pro on the dashboard will help your plan and craft better strategies, particularly for business. The data given is in a very easy format for the users dispensing the trouble of interpreting. The TikTok Pro account is best suited for business and marketing who needs details about the followers and the audience.

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The TikTok Pro accounts help you to grow and reach your engagement to newer heights. It will help you an open door that brings in good earning. The services and features that TikTok pro provides makes it’s a good guide and help you gain more followers on TikTok.

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