Everybody knows what Amazon Prime is. It is the Amazon membership that provides you with free streaming accessibility and free shipping. However, not many people are aware of the fact that Amazon Prime subscription can give you free access to a Twitch Prime account. This post is going to tell you all about how to link Amazon to Twitch. 

Twitch Prime can give all audiences on Twitch a superb experience on this platform, like downloadable content and free games, a complimentary channel subscription every month, unique emotes and a chat badge. 

For activating Twitch Prime, you must link your Amazon Prime account to Twitch. This is very easy when you have internet access on your PC or Mac. It is very easy to link the Twitch account and Amazon Prime account. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • To link your Twitch account to the Amazon Prime account, you must sign into the website of Twitch Prime. 
  • While linking your Twitch account to the Amazon Prime account, your account on Twitch will be updated to Prime easily.
  • Twitch Prime provides you with a new range of features, like games, special emote and a lot more. 
  • Visit their reference library to know more stories. 
  • Launch a web browser and move to twitchprime.com. When you’re there, log into your Amazon Prime account by tapping on the sign-in link in the corner of the page. 
  • Tap on the option to activate Twitch Prime after you are redirected back to the main page. 

how to link Amazon to Twitch

You can now see the accounts which can be linked. Tap on the “confirm” option if the Twitch and Amazon accounts are included. Then the page takes you to the homepage of Twitch Prime where you can start claiming all perks of Twitch Prime immediately. 

Why should you link your Amazon to Twitch account?

There can be various reasons why you should link your Amazon account to Twitch. The main reason is availing of added benefits on the Twitch platform. If you link your Twitch accounts and Amazon accounts, you can get numerous benefits like chat badges and Twitch subscriptions that are offered only to the members of Twitch Prime

When you select to connect your account on Amazon, the information of your profile linked to your Amazon account like your name can be utilized by the Twitch platform. Twitch will not display the information of your Amazon account on any public platform. You can click on Prime Gaming to see your Twitch account. Choose connect any Twitch account and sign in using your Twitch account. 

Twitch and Amazon Prime just need a little bit of introduction, but you’ll be surprised to know that both of them can be inter-linked. That is true when you link Twitch to Amazon Prime it can significantly give make you entitled to a free account on Twitch Prime. 

Twitch Prime is significantly the premium streaming service of this platform and it offers downloadable content, free games, one free subscription of the complimentary channel of your choice and gets quick access to unique emotes with a unique chat badge to present the plebs. To help you and assure that you get at least one freebie apart from having an account on Twitch Prime, follow these steps to link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime. 

Twitch as you already know, is one of the most well-known streaming platforms in the market with a lot of gaming content and a big following. You must be wondering where Amazon Prime comes into the scene from. 

how to link Amazon to Twitch

You should know that free TV shows and free shipping are just a few out of so many benefits you can get when you link your Amazon account to Twitch. It can also get you a lot of added benefits and improve your streaming experience. 

This is just one out of many features you can already avail yourself of as a member on Amazon Prime but apart from viewing all your desired streamers free of cost; you can be benefitted by subscribing just to a single channel for no added cost. 

This is not only supportive of streamer accounts but can also give you access to many features apart from viewing like channel giveaways and emotes. You can also avail many loot options in the game for some specific titles like providing a unique look to your character. 

Amazon Prime is a membership platform that gives you many added benefits like two-day shipping, access to free video streaming and music. There are many other benefits to count on. Twitch is one of the leading social platforms which allow gamers to live to stream their gaming session. You can link Amazon to Twitch to access many free of cost games and other content. 

You’ll also get a free channel subscription after 30 data for the most popular gamers on registering platform. If you get involved in streaming, it can be very easy for you. You can also watch some top-rated streams from various users, talk about video games and engage work rest of the fans. 

This was all in this super easy guide on how to link Amazon to Twitch.There are many benefits you can get from linking your Amazon account to Twitch and getting access to Twitch Prime. There are a lot of advantages which a Twitch Prime user can avail themselves for free. 

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