Twitch is a live streaming application where the streamer broadcasts the gameplay of different games. The other users follow these streamers to collect drops from them and as well understand the tactics of playing games. These people follow the streamer to get updates for all their videos. For streamers, the number of followers following them is a big question. To learn how to see followers on Twitch refer to the post below.

With the growing popularity of video games, the Twitch application as well has grown. Playing video games has been one of the best hobbies of most people these days. Hence, an application such as Twitch has become even more important. Keep reading to understand the process well.

How to check the followers on Twitch?

how to see followers on Twitch

The number of Twitch followers one has will decide if his//her request for affiliation gets approved. The request will get approved in case the number of followers and subscribers reach the criteria. Almost all Twitch users aspire to get affiliated with the Twitch website. 

As stated above, getting affiliated on Twitch is possible only when the streamer has a maximum number of followers and subscribers. However, this begs a critical question of how to see followers on Twitch. Here in this post, we will be answering your query detail.

Just to clear things out, you can install the Twitch application on both Microsoft Windows and Mac. The process to check the followers on both these devices is identical. All the steps that one needs to carry to be able to check the follower’s list on Twitch have been elaborated in detail below. The section below contains systematic detailed instructions on how you can check the followers.

  • At the outset, you need to open the browser or the application from any of the devices at your convenience. Type in the details such as username and password to log in through your account so that you can check the follower’s list on Twitch.
  • After logging in on Twitch using your account details, you need to then, navigate towards the top right-hand side corner of your screen.
  • As you see on the top corner of your screen, you will notice a profile icon. Tap on the profile icon to proceed further.
  • After tapping the profile icon, you will be required further to choose among the various options that appear right in front of your screen.
  • Among all the other available options, you need to select the option named “Creator Dashboard” to move forward.
  • Now, as you proceed further, you will get many other options after tapping on the creator dashboard. Towards the left-hand side of your screen, you will have a menu that also contains the option “Community”.
  • Tap on “Community” and then, select the option of “Followers list” to finally look at the list of people following you on Twitch.
  • You will now be taken to another page where you will be able to see the entire list of followers who follow you. The details of when they started following and their name will also be displayed out there.

These steps need to be followed to check the follower slits on the Twitch application. If you wish to day check how many followers you have on Twitch then, do follow the steps mentioned above. Now that you are clear on how to see followers on Twitch, let us proceed further and understand if we can as well remove the followers if required.

Can you remove the followers on Twitch?

how to see followers on Twitch

Not beating around the bush, you can indeed remove the follower on twitch. In case, for some reason you will have to remove the followers then, you can do so by following the simple method. You need not worry about the same. The process of removing the followers on twitch has been highlighted below.

  • Log in through your account on twitch by entering your credentials.
  • Once you have logged in, you will have to go to your follower’s list as stated above.
  • As you land on the follower’s list page, you will be able to see all the followers who follow you.
  • For the one whom you wish to remove from the twitch, you will have to tap on the red box next to the person’s profile.
  • Now, select the option of “remove follow” to remove the follower from following you on twitch.

These steps need to be followed to remove the followers on twitch. However, you need to know the answer to how to see followers on Twitch to remove the followers on twitch. Always remember that having the highest number of followers on twitch will bring in many benefits for the streamers.

Twitch is an excellent platform that is becoming popular with every minute passing. If you are o this platform and wish to check how many followers you have then, go through the post once again so that you have no confusion about the process.

Sometimes removing the followers is as well crucial and hence the process of removing the followers has been mentioned in the post to help you not just check the follower’s list but also remove the ones not required. Not all the followers provide positive feedback and hence those who give negative and abusive comments on your streamer, it is best to remove them to avoid losing the rest of the followers. 

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