First of all, you should know what is Twitch. Twitch is a platform used for streaming. It is a place for people to broadcast themselves while they play video games live or do any other thing that can be recorded using a camera. This concept was first introduced by Emmett Shear and Justin Kan who started a website known as Justin. tv.

 This enabled people to stream by themselves parallel chatting with a huge audience too. The credit goes to a huge crowd of people who love gaming; it was again started as Twitch Interactive back in 2014 before it was acquired by Amazon at the cost of $970 million. 

Though it remains mainly focused on games, in recent years, Twitch has developed into many other groups where people can be found vlogging live, creating art, cooking, singing, making friends, gambling, and a lot more. It has now become of the most well-known places for online entertainment. It has a section called just chatting that is the one with the highest traffic though, in the majority of the cases, it is the streamer who sits and talks to the audience casually. 

what is Twitch

The platform is also used by Esports organizations for hosting different tournaments and events when others only organize live interviews with the sports players or sign sponsorship deals with particular streamers to strengthen their user foundation. To know more about Twitch and everything relevant, ensure to read this post till the end as it will take you through everything about Twitch you should know. 

Twitch Subscriptions 

If you are enjoying the content of a streamer, you can choose to give them your support by contributing any amount, subscribing to their channel for a monthly fee, or even donating the bits. Bits is a currency found on the Twitch platform itself. Before these subscriptions were charged at $5 but in the middle of last year, Twitch started regional charging and took the cost down. 

There are other benefits of subscription like ad-free streaming, a badge beside your name, and new emotes which can be used anywhere across the platform. You can gift these emotes to a particular viewer or just give them randomly in the custom option to a group of communities.

Also, you can avail yourself of subscriptions in three different tiers in which the next two can provide you mode emotes along with a unique badge and they are meant for the people who want to tip money to a streamer. 

Streamers are also able to make money through various sponsorships, affiliate links, advertisements, and esports tournaments which are avoided run by many streamers. You can also gain instant fame on this platform if you buy Twitch followers

Channel Points 

If you watch a particular stream for a longer period, it can be beneficial for the viewer because it can get you more channel points. You can also use these points for claiming the rewards like emoting unlocks, text-to-speech messages, playing some sounds, sending messages, or any other wager decided by the streamer. 

If you follow someone, you can earn 300 points, and visiting their channel regularly will give you extra points for the watch streak. These points range from 300 to 450 based on how long it goes on. With higher points, you’ll be able to accumulate better rewards and redeem them. 

The content is different as well with individual journalists who use this platform to host and talk about political issues. If you’re not interested in such discussions, there are other casual choices you can go for. Some people own non-profit organizations on this platform as well. If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll find many gaming professionals who have retired on this platform but are still popular for their mastery and expertise in gaming.

Prime gaming/ Twitch Prime 

what is Twitch

Previously known by the name Twitch Prime, Prime Gaming is an extraordinary feature that allows the gamers to get a bonus, added content in the game, as well as a Free Twitch subscription each month. 

The users who have an Amazon Prime membership also have the option of connecting it to their account on Twitter and redeeming the free channel subscription on any streamer or broadcaster they like. It can run out after 30 days and then, you have to subscribe again or give it to another streamer. 

For those not having a Prime account on Twitch, you can sign up for a free trial period of 30 days agrees and it can be canceled if you don’t want to go on w8th the service. It is unfortunate that this feature can be availed only in the US but will be expanded to other countries soon. 


If you’re completely new to Twitch, you’ll also come across terms like emotes. Emotes can be unlocked through third-party extensions. These are important factors to contribute to enhancing your experience on Twitch. 

This is all a beginner should know about what is TwitchIf you have used this platform, you must be having an idea about it but if you’re completely new, this information will help you start your journey on Twitch. If you wish to know more about this platform, you must start using it. 

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