Twitch’s popularity as a game streaming network has skyrocketed in recent years. Streamers on the platform have received not only a large number of viewers but also a large number of donations. Though $10 or $20 notes are typical for fan donations, there are times when a fan loves a streamer’s material so much that they are prepared to spend up to $1,000 to support them.

Here we try to track down some of the biggest donations on twitch. But first, let us see what are donations and how do they help streamers grow?

How do donations help streamers?

Subscriptions and donations generated through Twitch are a major source of income for streamers. Viewers who want to support their preferred content creators can do so in a variety of methods, which are all relatively simple.

biggest donation on twitch

Some streamers do not have a donation button. If that’s the case, or if the viewer is willing to donate via a third-party service, there is always Twitch Bits. On the Twitch platform, Twitch Bits are the built-in money. Twitch Bits are worth one cent each. They can be acquired with a little fee directly from Twitch.

That means a viewer would pay $1.40 for 100 bits, $7 for 500 bits, $19.95 for 1500 bits, and so on.

Viewers frequently give 100 bits at a time, which equals $1. Feel free to increase the number of bits to comments stand out. Donating with Bits is sometimes known as “cheering.” Each quantity of Twitch Bits donated has a unique animated emote displaying them as the gems shown above.

Some streams have a fan ranking system depending on how many Bits they’ve donated. Viewers can sometimes earn free Twitch Bits by viewing advertising on the network or completing surveys.

The quantity of cash a Twitch streamer earns every month is determined by the type of material they stream, how frequently they stream, and a variety of other criteria. Full-time streamers with a large following can earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month, but many prospective influencers struggle to make ends meet. Twitch can be far more profitable for the most popular streamers. 

Consider Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He allegedly earned $10 million in 2018 simply by playing Fortnite on Twitch. Of course, popularity attracts sponsorships, collaborations, brand partnerships, and significantly increased ad revenue and subscribers.

Top donations on Twitch

Here is a list of the 5 biggest donations on twitch. If you are someone engaged on twitch, chances are you have heard at least one of these.

  1. Space Lyon gets a $10,000 donation while playing Fortnite

Thang ‘Space Lyon’ Phan has over 314k Twitch subscribers and has become one of the platform’s most popular streams. Space Lyon is well-known for his time on Fortnite, and he has gotten numerous donations over his time playing the game, including a $10,000k donation one time. Biggest donation on twitch.

  1. Exotic Chaotic receives a $75,000 donation

Exotic Chaotic’ is another Fortnite broadcaster who has received a lot of support from one of his viewers. On a Fortnite broadcast, the player (who has 16.4k Twitch followers) received a $75,000 contribution from a user named KingMascot. This was a significant gain for Exotic Chaotic, who is now streaming a lot of Valorant on his account.

  1. CouRageJD’s $10,000 donations

CouRageJD has stayed one of the world’s most influential video game influencers despite his switch to YouTube. He got his start at every shooter type and is frequently praised for his skills in Fortnite and Call of Duty titles. CouRageJD had to battle quite a bit at the beginning, and this $10,000 contribution to his network was a significant reason why he was able to turn his fortunes around.

  1. Cau7ion receives a $5,000 donation during an Apex Legends stream

Cau7ion is one of the ablest and most popular Apex Legends broadcasters, and he adores the game. He routinely streams Apex Legends on his stream and is an expert at the game. A $5,000 contribution during one of his Fortnite broadcasts boosted his career as a video game Livestream, and the Apex Legends player isn’t about to forget it.

biggest donation on twitch

5. Lupo’s $1,000,000 donation from Twitch

Dr.Lupo, a former Fortnite streamer, organized a stream donation camp to gather funds for cancer research, and Twitch shocked him by providing a staggering $1,000,000 to assist him. This platform gesture will go down in history as the largest stream gift ever received by a streamer.

The above are the top donations that the platform of Twitch, some other mentions should also be there though. For instance, Ben AKA Cohh is a Twitch streamer living in North Carolina. Biggest donation on twitch.

He studied Game Design at Full Sail University but did not complete the degree due to the success of his streaming. His work experience includes being a DJ and music producer. Then there is, of course, Ninja as well. However, the above would be the top donations that streamers experienced.

While discussing the biggest donation on twitch, the natural question that arises as to if Twitch has a contribution limit on the sum that viewers can pay to streamers. Twitch allows viewers to show their support for their favorite streamers by donating money to them.

There is presently no limit to the sum of money that may be donated to streams. People can donate using a variety of methods, such as credit cards or PayPal. As a result, the limit for donation payments for those folks would be their card limitations.


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