If you are wondering can you play copyrighted music on Twitch then the answer is obviously no. Twitch supports the work of composers, singers, and other artists. As a business devoted to empowering artists, we value and expect our users to value the creative property of people who create music and who own or hold music rights.


Ever since DMCA takedowns in the later part of 2020, there has been a lot of misunderstanding about what audio you can stream on Twitch. Let’s take a look at what the webcasting site has to say regarding the subject and find out what music you may play on Twitch.

Twitch erased a large amount of content that violated music copyright rules after receiving a flood of DMCA take-down petitions in October 2020. Twitch has a three-strike system for its users – 3 strikes and you are banned – and the people were not pleased, to put it mildly.

Can you play copyrighted music on Twitch

So, how can you avoid having your prospective source of income deleted?

Does Twitch allow you to use music in your streams?

The vast majority of streamers that include music audio in their videos do so without concern for copyright law. When Twitch issued some DMCA takedowns, it practically stopped streamers from utilizing the site if they kept playing music for which they do not have the rights.

Although it is against the rules, it is fairly unusual to see streamers performing today’s hits or yesterday’s classics. Your favorite video makers may occasionally accept song suggestions, giving their audience power over the music.

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The music business has not taken measures previously, but that began to change in 2018 when some prominent streamers were banned from the site for 24 hours for using copyrighted music content. So, what exactly are the music regulations on Twitch? What can be done to safeguard yourself?

What we’re seeing on Twitch, and across other streaming sites, is a greater willingness to follow copyright regulations. For obvious reasons, people recognize that creators’ intellectual property must be prioritized.

Following your moral compass, on the other hand, does not preclude you from playing music in your streams. You are permitted to do so as long as you obey the Twitch music regulations.

What music can you and can you not use in your streams?

Can you play copyrighted music on twitch? No, but there are three types of music that may be utilized in Twitch streams :

  • Music created by you: This is audio that you have written or produced personally, or music that you have performed live and recorded. Before streaming, make sure you have all of the rights to copy the music, especially if you possess record label contracts.
  • You have music rights: This is perhaps the most popular method for avoiding takedowns. Epidemic Sound provides access to a collection of songs and sound effects that you may freely use on Twitch and YouTube if you choose to publish your recorded streams afterward. You may securely play music without fear of DMCA takedowns after you’ve joined an Epidemic Sound subscription.
  • Music supplied by ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’: You didn’t have to think about taking downs using ‘Soundtrack by Twitch,’ but you will undoubtedly notice a reduced selection of music. This may be extremely restricting, as it is only offered on Twitch. That’s why broadcasters utilize Epidemic Sound — we clean music for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and other platforms.
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If you’re already utilizing any of the three options, you’re secure to keep streaming without fear of copyright violations. If not, you should probably subscribe to Epidemic Sound and connect your Twitch channel, as well as your YouTube page if you wish to publish your taped streams.

What will happen if you use copyrighted music on your streams?

If you use copyrighted music on Twitch, two things can happen. The first one is the most frequently encountered. If you post your taped Twitch streams to YouTube with music that you do not have permission for, your material may be claimed or even removed. This frequently results in large audio-free pauses in videos. Streamers think it to be a tolerable loss.

Can you play copyrighted music on Twitch

The second option is less likely, although it might become more widespread in the future. A 24-hour restriction on your channel is the punishment. It occurs when the owner of the music you were playing files a DMCA termination notice against you.

Playing unauthorized music in your broadcasts might result in channel termination in the long run. Twitch has a 3 strike strategy for DMCA takedowns, as previously stated. Your first violation results in a 24-hour suspension, you’re second in a 24-hour to 7-day penalty, and you’re third in a permanent or indefinite ban from Twitch. It’s worth mentioning that DMCA restrictions are never completely deleted from your record.

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The Twitch community allows streamers to convey themselves in amazing, imaginative and sometimes transforming ways. In addition to discussing the recommendations outlined above, we believe it is vital to clarify that not all illegal uses are infringing.

Examples include the use of stuff in the public realm and the use of copyright material that qualifies for protection under fair use and comparable laws outside the United States. If you feel you have acquired a take-down notice from a rights holder as a result of a mistake or misidentification, we recommend examining the counter-notification provisions in the Twitch DMCA Guidelines.


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