Twitch and music can be very confusing together. The maximum number of streamers (to attract more followers to their channel) who play music in all their streams do this with a bit of information about copyright law.

Can you play music on Twitch is a very common question that the users on Twitch tend to have. However, as soon as DMCA takedowns are issued by Twitch, it can prevent the streamers from making use of this platform if they want to play the music that they are not allowed to.

Can You Play Music On Twitch

It is very common to look for streamers who play hit songs or old classics even though this is against the policies. Your desired content creator can sometimes accept song requests, providing their audience with the option to control the tunes.

The music industry hasn’t been in action in the earlier days but it started changing in 2018 when well-known streamers were popular with full-time bans on this platform to play the copyrighted tunes. You must know the rules of playing music on Twitch and how you can protect yourself.

What can be seen on Twitch, but on most of the streaming platforms, shows high curiosity concerning the copyright laws. People also have the realization that the intellectual property of creators has to be prioritized for many reasons.

If you listen to the moral compass, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play music while streaming on Twitch. You are allowed to play music while streaming on Twitch provided you follow the rules and regulations.

Can you play music on Twitch while streaming? 

Various categories of music can be used in a Twitch stream:

  • Music that is yours: This is the kind of music that is created or produced by you or is played and recorded live. Before streaming, you must check that you get all the required rights to produce this kind of music if you already have recorded label deals.
  • Music that is licensed: Till now, this is the most preferred way of avoiding takedowns. Various apps can give you accessibility to a wide range of sound effects and tracks that can be used on Twitch for free and other platforms in case you are willing to upload all the recorded streams later on. When you get subscribed to any music plan, you can play the music safely without having to worry about takedowns.
  • Music offered by Twitch: Music that is offered via Twitch doesn’t allow you to think about the takedowns but you can notice the small choices of music. This can be restricting and can be availed on Twitch. That’s the reason why a lot of streamers use this platform for listening to music.

If you already use any one of these ways, you are completely safe in continuing the stream without having to worry about copyright strikes. If this is not the case, it will be better for you to subscribe to other applications and add your Twitch channel there.

You can also add your YouTube channel for uploading the streams you record. These apps have their ownership of the financial rights to their music library. You can also get licensed directly and you can stop worrying about the claims related to copyright.

Can you play copyrighted music on Twitch?

Presently, two things can take place if you are playing copyrighted music on your Twitch channel. The former is more common than the latter. If you can upload all your recorded streams on Twitch on other platforms which feature music that is unlicensed and you can risk claiming your content and takedown.

This can often leave huge gaps in the videos without any audio. It is mostly regarded as being acceptable by the streamers.

The latter has low chances but can be more common in the upcoming days. The punishment that Twitch gives is a 1-day ban on your channel. It occurs whenever the person who is the owner of music rights you play issues a request for DMCA takedown in opposition to you. There have been many cases where popular streamers have been banned for many hours.

Can You Play Music On Twitch

The long-lasting effects you can get by playing the copyrighted music in all your streams could be getting your channel terminated. As mentioned before, there is a policy of 3 strikes for the DMCA takedowns. The first offense you make may lead to a 24-hour ban but the 2nd strike may cause 24 hours to the 1-week band and 3rd one indicates a permanent ban on your Twitch channel.

It is worth for you to note that DMCA prohibitions are not completely erased from your record on Twitch. When you are banned for anything on Twitch, you get a probation period of 90 days but a part of your channel is banned permanently.

That’s all to be known about can you play music on Twitch. It can be concluded by saying that you can play music on Twitch streams but you must follow all the rules and regulations put forward by the platform. If you want to add music to your streams and be safe, you should follow the rules which are stated above in this post.

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