Wouldn’t it be amazing to get paid for streaming content on a social media platform? Well, you can make that happen on Twitch, and thousands of professional streamers are already doing that. But, how much do you earn with Twitch?

This is a very common question that most newbie streamers have. And, to be fair, the income is dynamic and depends on several factors. Technically, with Twitch, your income depends on your gaming expertise and the kind of viewership you are generating on the platform.

How much do you earn with Twitch?

We have gathered all the information in detail for you. So, hang in there and scroll through the post to find answers to all your queries.

Will I Get Paid to Stream on Twitch?

One of the biggest misconceptions that many beginners have is thinking they can start earning right off the bat. That isn’t possible at all.

To start earning on Twitch as a streamer, you’d first have to become part of the Twitch Affiliate Program. Once you are a Twitch affiliate, your next step towards earning money would be by becoming a Twitch Partner. It is a more complicated process.

Once you become a Twitch Affiliate, you can directly earn money using Twitch Bits and Subscriptions. Besides that, when you have a supportive and loyal community on the streaming platform, you can leverage that to create and sell merchandise.

There are certain eligibility criteria you have to follow. The most important ones include:

  • Having a minimum of 500 minutes broadcast in the past month
  • Average of 3+ viewers over the last month
  • 7 minimum broadcast days in the last month
  • Minimum of 50 followers

While the Twitch Affiliate program allows you to earn money in a restricted manner, becoming a Twitch partner completely changes that goal. You get to amplify your earnings through ad revenue, which isn’t available otherwise. The top Twitches who are part of the Twitch Partner program earn up to 20 million dollars, which is crazy.

If we had to give you a general amount that most popular Twitchers make, it would be around $3000-$5000 per month. This answer how much do you earn with Twitch for the basic Twitchers with a standard following. We aren’t even talking about the high-grossing Twitch partners.

When you become a Twitch partner and can run ads on your streams, you can earn around $250 per 100 subscribers, which is a pretty great deal. You can also buy Twitch followers to improve the audience of your stream.

Do the Small Twitch Creators Earn?

Although not much, small Twitch creators do earn if they have a dedicated schedule for their streaming every week. Much like the big Twitch streamers, even the smaller ones have to improve their content and stick to a schedule.

Twitch is very big on consistency. If they find that their streamers aren’t consistent, qualifying for the Affiliate or Partner program becomes very difficult. So, even if you sporadically bring thousands in viewership, you will still have a hard time getting on their partnership programs.

As for the small streamers on Twitch who have around 50-100 subscribers, they typically earn somewhere between $500-$700 per month. Your aim on Twitch is to garner more viewership so you can qualify for running ads and get paid through the subscriptions.

Besides, the bigger Twitch streamers also get brand deals and collaborations, which further amplifies their finances. These are a very discreet way of earning money through Twitch and are a secondary mode of earning.

How much do you earn with Twitch?

So, we’d recommend that you focus on streaming quality content. The more consistent you are, the easier it gets to amplify your viewership on the platform. And, the more views you have, the better are your chances to become an Affiliate or partner on Twitch.

How much will I Make on Twitch with 1000 Viewers?

As a beginner on Twitch, you might wonder how much you can make with your first 1000 viewers. If you have 1000 consistent viewers, it indicates that you have a good following.

So, when it comes to earning, it will depend on the subscriptions. Typically, even if you have 500 subscribers out of the 1000 viewers, you can easily take home $2500 a month. This is considering the subscribers are paying the lowest subscription.

Since 1000 viewers on Twitch stream is considered a pretty good number, you can even have brand deals and sponsorships with it. With a dedicated community, you can also sell your merchandise for some extra money.

How much do Twitch streamers make per follower?

As a general ground rule, one subscriber on Twitch can yield $2.50. So, for every 100 subscribers on Twitch, a streamer can make $250 a month.

So, if you want to become a highly paid Twitch streamer and want to do it full time, you’d need millions of followers. Besides that, you can easily pursue this as a side job or hobby where you de-stress by streaming some gamers with some viewers.

Dedication is the key to earning more money on Twitch. So, keep streaming with dedication and patience. Focus on the stream quality and ensure that you build a community of loyal subscribers that contribute to your concurrent viewership.

We hope this answers your question of how much you earn with Twitch. The amount will vary and depend on the individual streamer. So, sometimes, we’d recommend that you focus on streaming first and earning later. When you improve your content and create a community, earning money through Twitch’s affiliate or partner program becomes a lot easier.



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