Twitch is the platform for people who love the social aspect of gaming. On this platform, some of the top gamers from the world can showcase their skills to all their fans on the Twitch channel, several on a full-time basis.

The most well-known streamers on Twitch want to know how much Twitch pays. They can also do this as they can earn a notable amount of money from playing various games and sharing their opinion on the advancement.

how much does Twitch pay

It is a surprising fact that quite some of the youth get more entertainment when they watch others playing their desired games. This is an indication that more well-known streamers on Twitch can get ways to keep their fans entertained. The audience joins this platform more due to the conversation and commentary than just for the game.

Twitch has become very popular and there are over 3.3 million broadcasters every month, a rise of 63.5% in the previous year. There are almost 48 billion minutes of Twitch broadcasts that are watched per month. At a moment, over 1.1 million audiences watch streams on Twitch, with almost 4 million audiences throughout the busy times.

Many platforms can indicate the main value of the Twitch channel with the primary cost of sponsorship for any channel. These values ​​can increase several factors but is an effective indication of the influence level of the Twitch channel that you choose.

All these tools are unofficially Twitch tools and are not in any way endorsed or related to Twitch. These tools were developed to offer to earn potential guidelines to the streamers on Twitch and also the brands which consider work along.

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What are the sources of income for Twitch streamers? 

If you want to know how much Twitch pays its streamers, you must know the primary sources of income offered to the Twitch streamers. Following are the ways by which a Twitch streamer can earn money on Twitch:

  • Tournament winnings
  • affiliate links
  • Sale of merchandise
  • sponsorship
  • donations

Though all these modes of earning can be availed by any stream on Twitch, you need to have a proper audience to earn money with the help of these figures.


These are mostly the tips and in a virtual mode the whole amount minus any related processing fee, if applicable is paid to the streamers. Several creators leverage the donations. 

Many creators share their own Snapchat amount with the people who want to give a particular amount. This isn’t don’t by everyone preferably as many people don’t ask for donations while streaming, but can still earn nearly $2,500 donations every month.

Talking about the paid subscriptions, they are fixed at a rate of $4.99 every month and a notable amount is taken over by Twitch itself. It takes almost 50% of the amount generated by its top-rated creators.

These top-rated creators are mostly people who have 10,000 audiences or even more in any stream, and for the numbers, you can get a 70% share of the monthly payment they give to the subscribers. It has been worked out by many streamers that 121,000 subscribers can make almost $423,000 every month from just subscribers. 

However, as pointed out, it is also possible that all subscribers who are not paid through the subscription pay only $4.99 every month. As it is owned by Twitch, when people create an account on Amazon Prime, one of the biggest benefits is a $4.99 every month credit that can be used to subscribe to a streamer of your choice. There is a very good freebie for all viewers and one that can pay the streamers too.

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In comparison to the donations and subscriptions and revenues, a streamer can earn a little bit of money. But, there are different ways by which a streamer can earn a small amount of money in thousands or hundreds, or tens of times over. The streamers earn even money from pre-generated ads and their viewers can get benefitted from the streams. The streamers cannot cause any ads in the streams whereas others can run them consistently.

Many streamers don’t run any additional advertisements, separately earn money from registered and other related banner shows, and earn nearly $10,000 every month. 


These are the ones that show up on Twitch mostly as streams in which the gamers get paid for playing particular games. It can also help them in earning nearly 1% of $1 for every viewer in an hour. So, people who are streamers can get almost 10,000 audiences can get somewhere in between $10,000 and $1,000 every hour, based on the kind of game he plays. How much does Twitch pay largely depends on the kind of games which are played?

There are many other ways by which people on Twitch can earn cash such as YouTube videos that are sponsored. It can help them to earn nearly $5,000 for a shorter ad and also live shows which help you to earn $5,000-$10,000.

how much does Twitch pay

Instagram and Twitter posts associated with sponsored events are usually included in the sponsorship package free. All these revenue numbers are very particular, but he states that they have high consistency in terms of the number of viewers.

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