In the present times, most social media platforms don’t have any age barrier and can be used by anyone and everyone. But, for Twitch there is an age limit and people below the age of 13 years can’t have access to this platform.

Only if you belong to the age group of 13 or above, you can use this platform. For all those who want to know how old you do you have to be to stream on Twitch, the minimum age limit is 13 years.

how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch

Twitch is one such social media platform that gained a lot of fame in the world particularly among the youth as it is mainly about streaming various games and video games. There are many popular game streamers on this platform who go live while playing video games and you can know their opinions on the game.

However, if there is a slight difference, you can get the accessibility to use its services but only with parental controls. This can be done only when you are under the guidance of a legal parent or guardian who agrees to abide by all the terms and conditions on this platform. Many people who don’t use Twitch as of now but are planning to, should know what the age limit for someone to use Twitch is.

When you sign up for a Twitch account, you must be able to access its services by agreeing to all the terms and conditions, privacy policy etc. Apart from being included in the community guidelines, accounts that violate any of these terms can be penalized or suspended.

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You make take out time to go through all this information very carefully. Creating a Twitch account enables you to engage with streamers and the community through the chat option. You can also follow your desired streamers for receiving notifications whenever they go live or post something new on their channel.

How old  do you have to be to stream on Twitch? 

To register or create a Twitch account, you should have a clear picture of the age requirement. Though, if you are the parent or guardian of a child who is not 13 years old but is a member of Twitch. You can contact the platform at [email protected] and ask them to terminate that account for as long as you want. This can also delete all personal information. 

You must add the information that can be useful for other users in locating your account. You can read their privacy policy, which includes all the privacy teams and can also help you in knowing what the minimum age requirement for a Twitch user is.

how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch

The Twitch mobile app doesn’t have so many restrictions for children who very well know how to make use of it. Some children enter a bigger age when asked in the app so that they can use the platform without any restrictions. 

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They can register themselves and start using the platform within some time after verification is done via email. In the past few days, so many recently added audiences on Twitch were seen as children. It is normal for them to be unfamiliar with hold old do you have to be to stream on Twitch.

Why 13 years is the minimum age required to be able to stream on Twitch?

Almost everyone is aware of the immense popularity that Twitch has gained of late. Moreover, it has a very new demography because most of the children are aged between 16 to 24 years of age.

Getting high exposure to adult content is a common reason why parents are very careful to avoid their children using Twitch. There are certain reasons why Twitch has set the age criteria as 13 years minimum. Some reasons are explained below as follows:

  • Elements of Violence 

There are numerous games on Twitch and some of them are full of violence and bloodshed. These things can have a severe and negative impact on the minds of children. These games are mostly played from the perspective of 1st person. The easy availability and increased popularity of these games are a bigger concern for parents. How old do you have to be to stream on Twitch?

  • Drug use 
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Those who are streamers and broadcasters on Twitch can freely talk to their audience about the consumption of drugs. This makes the children more eager to know about drugs and try them. The game developers from different parts of the world state the legality of marijuana. This is the most crucial thing that parents should be taking care of before letting their children use this platform.

  • Use of abusive language 

The use of abusive language in games is a very big concern why parents don’t want their children to use this platform. Parents should be aware of the terms and conditions before allowing their children to stream on Twitch.

That’s all we have for you to know about how old do you have to be to stream on Twitch. It is advised that you should start using this platform once you know that you are eligible. If you are under the minimum age limit, you shouldn’t forget to maintain all the criteria mentioned above before you start your stream on Twitch.