It’s difficult to keep a record of user inquiries and comments while streaming. Stream conversations are regularly spammed as well. Nightbot was created to assist streamers in moderating chats on different platforms, including Twitch. If you want to use Nightbot on Twitch feeds but do not know how to add Nightbot to Twitch, we can assist you.

How to add Nightbot to Twitch

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How to add Nightbot to Twitch?

How to add Nightbot to Twitch? It’s a matter of 7 simple steps. Have a look.

Nightbot is easy to set up because it works from the cloud and does not require additional programs and applications. Check out these steps to activate Nightbot on your Twitch profile:

  1. Open your Twitch conversation.
  2. Sign in to your account on Twitch and go to the Nightbot website.
  3. Go to Commands settings on the left panel to modify bot commands.
  4. To turn off some instructions, click on “Disable” next to them.
  5. To change the user level and cooldown command, click on “Options” next to it.
  6. Choose “Join Channel” from the page on the Dashboard.
  7. To provide the bot with the appropriate rights, put “mod nightbot” into the Twitch chat.

What are “cooldown” and “user-level”?

Any Nightbot command must include both cooldown and user level. You may specify who can execute which commands using the user level. The possible choices are “owner” (only you would be able to use those commands), “moderator” (only you and the moderator would use the command), “regular” (you along with the moderators, and your frequent viewers would be able to use the commands), “subscriber” ( paying network subscribers and above), and “everyone” (all users).

The cooldown option is the shortest interval between command operations. Cooldown essentially acts as spam prevention for your Twitch chats.

How to set up Nightbod commands?

Now that you know how to add Nightbot to Twitch, it is time for you to understand how to customize those Nightbot commands. So here you go.

You may personalize the Nightbot feature by implementing customized commands. Check out the steps below to do the same.

  1. Log in to your Twitch profile using the Nightbot website.
  2. Browse to the Commands option from the sidebar on the left.
  3. Click on the “add the command” option.
  4. Fill out the form with the command, explanation, cooldown, and user-level, and then click on submit.
  5. After you have generated your commands, click on the pencil symbol next to their names to alter them. Fill out the form’s fields and click the Submit button.
  6. Click on the trash can symbol beside your custom command to remove it.

Perks of using Nightbot- why use Nightbot?

Nightbot can be described as a cloud-based bot that helps you swiftly address your viewers’ most popular inquiries by putting brief commands into the chat rather than texts. You may also create a timer for definite intervals for tasks, such as promoting your social media profiles.

Nightbot may also be utilized for prizes and to fulfill viewer music requests. You can change command permissions so that only your normal viewers could use them. You could even write dynamic orders that alter replies based on existing data – for instance, Nightbot can display the weather.

When you register the Nightbot, you do not have to change or manage commands; some of the fundamental commands are already configured. Enter “! commands” into your Twitch chat to display the complete set of channel commands. Enter “!filters” to let moderators alter spam filters.

The “!game” command displays the game’s name you’re currently playing in chat. By adding the “!poll” command, you may allow moderators to establish polls in your Twitch chat. Other standard instructions are intended to play a pre-programmed advertisement during your broadcast (“!commercial”).

Rather than static pre-set responses, dynamic commands deliver answers given the current facts. “ChatID” (showing the ID of the conversation), “Countup” and “Countdown” (time remaining or time past from a given time), “Time” (current time in a certain timezone), “Weather” (weather at a given place), “Twitch”, “Steam”, and “XBL” are some of the most common dynamic Nightbot commands. How to add Nightbot to Twitch

Nightbot simplifies giveaways. Log in to your Twitch profile at the Nighbot website to arrange a giveaway. Browse to the Giveaway section on the left panel. There is a qualification list, a chat box, and a giveaway section there.

You may choose which user levels are qualified to enroll in and win freebies from the panel. You may also specify the terms for joining the contest – for example, people can become qualified by entering a specified keyword. You may also offer your frequent viewers a better chance of winning.

To sum up

Managing your Twitch stream is difficult, especially if you want to handle it completely on your own. This gets increasingly more challenging as your viewership grows. Enter Night bot!

Night bot is a very handy tool that performs a wide range of duties. It not only allows you to eliminate spam in the Twitch chat, but it also allows you to connect with viewers in interesting ways, such as organizing games, surveys, and giveaways. We hope you will be able to arrange Nightbot for your account on Twitch and customize it to your liking with the aid of our instructions above. We recommend that you investigate all Nightbot capabilities to make your stream a more enjoyable location to broadcast and watch. 





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