If you are excited to know how to cancel twitch prime then, we have you covered. Continue reading the post further for more information.

Twitch Prime is one of the best ways to enjoy an advertisement-free experience. It also provides a variety of other benefits that makes broadcasting and engaging with the community easier. Have you ever wondered if you can cancel your prime subscription anytime you want? The process of how to cancel twitch prime will be discussed below.

how to cancel twitch prime

The option of canceling the prime subscription helps the users to a great extent. They can try out to enjoy all the prime benefits for a month on a free trial and if they do not like them, they can as well cancel the subscription. Twitch Prime also provides various other interesting benefits that will be discussed further in the post. Continue reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the same.

How do you get the twitch prime?

Before going into details about how to cancel twitch prime, it will be best if you are aware of what twitch prime is and how to get Twitch Prime. Twitch Prime as you might be aware is an updated version of Twitch Turbo.

Just like Twitch Turbo, Twitch prime as well offers an ad-free experience to the users. Additionally, it also provides other features such as sub-badge, custom emotes, and others.

Interestingly, the users will as well be able to save the broadcasting for around 60 days and not just the standard 14 days. Now that you have clarity over what Twitch Prime is all about, you might be interested to know about the process of getting the prime subscription.

All the steps that you need to follow to get the twitch prime subscription have been enlisted below for your reference.

  • At the outset, as you would know, is to visit the Prime site. As you visit the Twitch prime you will then be required to sign in.
  • To sign in on this site, you will have to fill in all of your details. It is only after you sign in will you be able to get the Twitch Prime subscription.
  • After creating your account on Amazon, you are then supposed to log in through your account details to proceed further.
  • The final and most crucial step is to connect your Amazon Prime subscription to the Twitch site. This is where you connect both of your accounts to enjoy all the benefits.
  • Log in through your account of Twitch to connect it with the Amazon prime account. Type in the username or the display name along with the password you have set.

This was in short the process you need to follow to connect your Prime account to Twitch. This will provide you with an additional set of benefits that will further provide more fun.

Now that you are aware of the process, you might be interested to know how to cancel this subscription as per your requirements. So, keep reading the post further for your reference and clarity over the same.

How do you cancel Twitch Prime?

If you are wondering how to cancel twitch prime then, we have you covered. Twitch Prime brings in a lot of benefits to the users. The best part about Twitch Prime is that it helps to earn revenue. However, if at any time you wish to cancel the subscription then, it might be a bit complicated.

Nevertheless, if you have a strong reason to cancel the subscription then you need not worry about the same. To terminate the Twitch Prime subscription, you can follow the steps mentioned below. Go ahead to learn the process of terminating the account permanently.

  • Initially, you need to visit the Amazon application and log in to your account to proceed further towards the next section. To log in you need to fill in your details.
  • After you have logged in, you will be further required to tap on the “My Account” option that you will notice on your screen.
  • Once you have selected the “My Account” option, you will get many other options on your screen.
  • Among all the other options, you need to tap on the “Settings” option, wherefrom, you will be able to manage your account.
  • Select the Manage membership option from all the other options. This is where you can decide what changes you want to make to your subscription. You can either terminate or extend the subscription.
  • Here, you will get the very option you are looking for which is to cancel the prime membership of Twitch.

These were the steps to be followed to cancel the twitch prime membership. Now that you are aware of how to cancel twitch prime membership, we hope you will be able to do so. Make sure to go through the above-mentioned steps to be clear of the process.

how to cancel twitch prime

Twitch is an amazing platform that proffers equally engaging features. Twitch Prime just like Twitch Turbo offers an ad-free experience. To cancel the subscription to Twitch Prime you should first know how to get the Twitch Prime subscription.

The process of both of them has been discussed in detail in the post above. However, if you anytime plan to cancel your subscription on twitch Prime then, you can do so in quick minutes. Go through the post once again to know about the process in detail so that you do not end up getting confused when you cancel the subscription.


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