If you are using Twitch, you would have come across the concept of Cheering. Cheering on Twitch is done by the viewers to show their love and support for the streamers and artists. But, cheering is not just limited to support. You need to buy something called ‘Bits’ to Cheer. If you are not sure how to cheer on Twitch using Bits, we’re here to help you! 

What are ‘Bits’? 

Bits are items on Twitch that are used by the audience to cheer their favorite streamers and show their love and support. By Cheering using Bits, the viewer will not just support the artists and streamers, but also send money to the streamer and help monetarily. 

To use the Cheering feature, one needs to enable cheering on Twitch. 

You have to fill your account with ‘Bits’ to cheer your favorite streamers. For streamers like Twitch partners and affiliates, they will have the cheering feature enabled by ‘default’. But, most have to manually enable cheering to use it.

How to enable Cheering in Twitch? (For Streamers) 

How to cheer on Twitch

To enable Cheering in Twitch, follow the below steps: 

  1. From your dashboard, go to the Partner Settings option.
  2. In the Cheer section, Enable Cheering with Bits.
  3. You should now sign the tax form. Also, review the Cheering Amendment to the Content Partner Agreement.
  4. Now, go to Bits Threshold Settings. Set the Minimum Bits to Cheer to more than 1.
  5. Concerning Minimum Bit Emote, set something more than 1.
  6. Now, choose Cheer Chat Badge Settings. This will let your audience receive the love.
  7. Now, you can post an entry on your page to announce that you are now accepting Cheers from the audience.
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How to enable Cheering in Twitch? (For viewers) 

Viewers can simply load their accounts with Bits and use them to cheer the streamers. You need real money to purchase Bits and load them into your account. Bits cannot be refunded. So, buy as much as you require, as you do not want to buy more than what is needed.

You can buy Bits both through desktop and mobile sites.

  1. From your browser, log in to your Twitch account.
  2. Now, select the Get Bits button present on the screen top.
  3. Choose Buy. Select a payment method.
  4. Now login to make the payment.
  5. Press Continue to check your purchase.
  6. Choose Pay Now.

After enabling Cheer on Twitch, you can learn how to cheer on Twitch. Proceed to the below steps to cheer your favorite artists and video creators. 

FOR ANDROID / IPHONE USERS: Steps to Cheer on Twitch 

How to cheer on Twitch

STEP 1 – From your android or iPhone Twitch app, log in to your Twitch account. Go to the channel or video you wish to Cheer. The video should be LIVE.

STEP 2 – Press the Bits button present in the chatbox. You can see this at the bottom of the screen. The button is diamond-shaped.

STEP 3 – You will see a new screen now. On the screen, all the cheering emotes will appear. If you do not own Bits already, then press ‘Get Bits’ to purchase some Bits. If you had already purchased Bits (you can buy twitch followers to your account), then go ahead and pick an emote of your choice. Choose the number of Bits you wish to cheer. In the chatbox, you can see your Cheer command appearing automatically.

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STEP 4 – Now, add a message of your choice and press send button. You can see your Cheer appearing in the chat.

All done! Now, let’s move on to the steps for Mac or PC users to cheer on Twitch.

FOR MAC / PC USERS: Steps to Cheer on Twitch 

If you are a Mac or PC user and do not know how to cheer on Twitch using Bits, follow the steps below:

STEP 1 – From your PC / Mac browser, log in to your Twitch account. Go to the video or channel you wish to Cheer. The video must be broadcasting and going live.

STEP 2 – On the right side of the video streaming, you can see Chat. Go to the ‘Send a message’ area present at the chat bottom. Press the Bits icon. The diamond-shaped icon is the Bits icon.

STEP 3 – You can now see the number of Bits you own. Press ‘Get Bits’ to buy a pack of Bits. You can use Amazon or PayPal to purchase Bits. If you already own enough Bits, then proceed to the next step. 

STEP 4 – Press the Bits icon again to cheer. Choose your desired chat to emote from the choices available.

STEP 5 – Choose the number of Bits you need to cheer.

STEP 6 – The Cheer command will be automatically filled in the message box. Enter the message you wish and send the message whenever you wish to cheer your streamer.

By now, you would have learned how to cheer on Twitch using Bits. The process may be new for first-timers. But, once you get the hang of it, it is really simple. One of the best things about Twitch is cheering. Cheering the streamers is part of the Twitch experience. If you didn’t know, the Twitch users make a lot of money through cheering! 

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