Do you know How to Cheer on Twitch (Guide With Steps) If you have been searching for this then, find it here? A very few simple steps shall guide you to the process.

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What does a cheer mean on twitch?

Cheering on twitch is not about showing appreciation only, as we might be familiar with the meaning of the word cheer, but it is more than that.  In twitch, when you cheer for your favorite streamer, it is not only a mere display of appreciation but also helping the streamer in ways by which he is able to make little earnings on his work. Here this interactive online video that holds the broadcast services of streaming, and cheering on any particular video has become a part of this community-based platform.  And this has also opened up avenues to earn, for its streamers.

When someone cheers on twitch, it actually means giving a tip and this is counted in bits. On twitch, one bit can be purchased by spending 1 cent and this can be sent to the streamer. Now, the bits the streamer receives from his viewer, he converts into cash. And the viewer who had sent the cheer receives in return a unique emote or a chat badge that indicates that he has sent a cheer. This concept of exchanging rewards mutually is a wonderful support for creating quality streams and gives a chance to the viewers to appreciate the same too. It is actually a great system of support for streamers who works very hard to create fresh and unique content for the entertainment of its viewers.

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How to Cheer on Twitch (Guide With Steps)

How do streamers set up cheers?

If you are a streamer then on your twitch account you have to enable the cheering option. And if you happen to be a viewer then, on your twitch account you got to load it with bits so that you are able to use it into cheering your favorite streamers. For those who are the partners of twitch or affiliates, their cheering tab is enabled by default. But in the case of any other members who do not belong to either of the two categories, they have to enable it manually.

The following steps shall help you in doing so:

  • In your twitch dashboard, go to the partner settings.
  • Now select the cheer section. As you do so, a few options will come out in which select the option that says, enable cheering with bits.
  • It is essential that you review the cheering amendment to the content partner agreement and sign the tax form.
  • Now scroll through the settings on the bits section and set a minimum figure of above 1 bit to cheer.
  • This time set above 1 on the minimum bit emote.
  • And then, to send your audience some appreciation in return for the bits received, select the cheer chat badge settings.
  • Once everything has been done, now it is time for you to make a post on your account page on twitch and let people informed that you are accepting cheers.
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The reason behind setting above one bit as a minimum limit of bits to cheer is to stop spammers, and this is an essential step to take as there happen to be many spammers across the platform. But you should also remember that it is a trial-and-error method. If the channel is small, then the minimum amount set shall be a little lower the bigger channels can afford to keep a higher minimum amount range.

How to Cheer on Twitch (Guide With Steps)

How do viewers set up cheers?

Being a viewer of twitch videos, you shall also be able to set up your channel. All you have got to do is, fill up your account with bits and then send it to the streamers you like. You got to spend money if you wish to buy bits and once they have been purchased, it gets loaded into your twitch account. These are non-refundable so, buy as much as you require only.

The following steps shall help you in doing so:

  • Get into your twitch account.
  • Now choose either the get bits tab appearing towards the top of the screen above the video player or else on the chat message box.
  • Choose your method of payment and select the option buy.
  • Now you have to authorize the payment by logging in.
  • Proceed to the next step which is to select the option called to continue, in order to keep a check on the purchase.
  • Select the option pay now to complete the purchase.
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How to Cheer on Twitch (Guide With Steps)

Now that you have prepared your account compatible for cheer you shall look forward to sending the cheer to your favorite streamers.

The following steps shall help you in doing so:

  • On the twitch stream, select the chat box.
  • Withing the box select the bits icon.
  • Now add the bits you are looking forward to cheering.
  • As you see it changes the amount, of bits.

These simple few steps are all about cheering on twitch. A little support to your favorite streamer shall help him provide better content ahead. It is only because of the support of the viewers that twitch happens to be one of the biggest and most popular streaming and gaming platforms around.