Twitch is undeniably the most well-known platform used by gamers to stream their favorite game but, it is not for all. If you are one of the numerous people who created a Twitch account but aren’t willing to keep it anymore, you might want to know how to delete a Twitch account. This post will take you through more details on this so continue reading. 

Twitch is counted in the group of most popular platforms used for live streaming. It is mainly used by those who are fans of e-sports and gamers. Numerous people stream their experience while playing a game, and show their gaming skills and their day-to-day life as well.

how to delete twitch account

There are two options offered by Twitch to delete an account. One is a permanent option whereas the other is not. You can disable your account if you don’t want your details to be removed from the platform. This also means that you can use your account anytime in the future. 

If you are planning to delete your Twitch account, you should remember that you can’t get your account back under any circumstances. You’ll also lose the data stored in your account on this platform. There are different ways of deleting a Twitch account based on the device you use.

Deleting a Twitch account from Mac, Chrome book PC, or Windows 

Dissimilar to the disable option, you can’t directly disable or delete your Twitch account from the main page of your Twitch account. You’ll require a direct link to the deletion feature of your Twitch account to perform this action.

After deleting your account, all the related information will also get erased along with your ongoing subscriptions, videos, and followers. If you are still looking forward to deleting your Twitch account, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account.
  2. Input in the address bar of your internet browser.
  3. Enter the name of the account that has to be deleted.
  4. You’ll also find an option to enter the reason why you want to delete the account.
  5. Tap on the delete account option.
  6. You’ll be required to input your password on another confirmation tab.
  7. Tap on verify.
  8. It will redirect you to the main homepage, and you’ll find a message showing that your account is deleted. Navigate from the screen or refresh the page to confirm the process.
  9. Your account will be deleted.

From an Android device 

Twitch is a platform that is not dependent on any other application. Deleting your Twitch account is quite similar to the process you need to follow for deleting your Twitch account on iPhone. 

The mobile application doesn’t have this feature of account deletion and you’ll access another link for deleting your account. You can follow the steps mentioned below to delete your Twitch account on an iPhone. 

From to iPhone 

Different from most of the features of this platform, the option of account deletion is not offered on the mobile edition of the application. If you want to perform account deletion on an iPhone, you’ll have to get access to the page of account deletion on any internet browser. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Launch the Twitch application and sign in.
  2. Start your mobile browser and input
  3. Move ahead with deleting your account following the same steps as Chromebook, Mac, or Windows.

From a Roku device 

Just like the rest of the devices talked about in this post above, you’ll need a web browser to delete your Twitch account on the Roku device. Dissimilar to other platforms, it isn’t simple to do this on Roku because the internet browsing potential of this device isn’t as advanced as its counterparts. It can be done better on your phone than on any other device. For doing this on your Roku, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the homepage of your Roku account, click on search in the menu.
  2. Input the name into a web browser.
  3. Install all apps as shown.
  4. Launch the browser app that you select. Log into your Twitch account from here.
  5. Follow the instructions mentioned for Chromebook, Mac, or Windows.

From Apple TV

Due to some reasons, Apple hasn’t yet developed an ideal internet browser for Apple TV and isn’t going to do so anytime soon. Since deleting a Twitch account is only possible on a particular page of account deletion, you can’t do it on your Apple TV due to the unavailability of a web browser.

how to delete twitch account

However, it can be possible for you to browse the internet on Apple TV through Airplay, but it means that you’ll either have to use a Mac or iPhone for the same. If you have access to these devices then there is no point in adding a different complexity layer by starting this process on your Apple TV.

If you consider the technical aspect, you can try installing a browser on the Apple TV by making changes to the code line in OS but this is a very complicated way to do this and isn’t worth so much effort.

That’s all to be known for how to delete Twitch accounts on various devices. You can follow the processes mentioned above in this post to delete your Twitch account from any one of these devices.


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