Twitch is one of the most popular platforms that allow individuals to make donations as well. If you are interested to donate on this site then, you should know how to donate on twitch.

how to donate on twitch

If you are unaware of the process and wish to know about the process of adding the donation icon on the main screen then, you are probably at the very right place. So, follow the post further to not just, learn about the above-mentioned question but also how safe is it to make donations on Twitch. Know it all in nutshell in the post below.

How do you add the donate icon on Twitch?

Twitch allows the users to add the donation icon on the home screen. You might either be aware of the process but confused or wish to learn about it completely. In both cases, the section below will provide you with clarity on how to donate on twitch. All the steps that you need to carry for adding the donation icon will be discussed below for your reference and clarity. 

Initially, to create the donation button you will have to set up the donation link. Once the donation link has been set up using any of the other applications, you can set up your account through that link. Log in by typing in your Twitch account details of yours.

  • Once you have logged in to your account, you will then be able to see a profile icon towards the top right-hand side corner of your screen that you will have to tap on.
  • A dropdown menu will appear which will show various options including channel. Tap on the channel option that you see at the very beginning.
  • You will be taken to another page which will have a list of options. Tap on the “About” option that you see next to the home icon.
  • Towards the bottom left-hand side of your screen, toggle the option of edit panels to the “on” position.
  • Then, scroll down further to tap on the Plus sign you see in a large box.
  • In the next panel, there will be three titles that you can add including a description, donation link, and title.
  • Tap on submit button. As you refresh the page you will be able to see the donate button that has been recently created.
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These are a few of the steps that you need to carry to add the donate icon on the screen. To learn more about how to donate on twitch continue reading the post further. The next section will be shedding some light on the steps to be carried out to check the donation history. 

How do you check your donation history on Twitch?

You might now be wondering how to check the donation you have made on this platform. Well, here we are going to enlist all the steps that you need to carry for checking the donations. Keep reading the post to grasp all the steps to be followed for checking the donations you made to charity on Twitch. Some of the steps have been highlighted below for your reference. 

  • Initially, you need to go to the dashboard. Visiting the payout dashboard will help you get the entire payment history on Twitch.
  • You will then, have to head towards the Channel Analytics option you see after tapping on the Payout Dashboard.
  • Once you tap on Channel Analytics, you will then be getting a lot of options on your screen.
  • Among all the other options, you will have to tap on the “pay out history” to check through the donation history on Twitch.
  • Under the payout history, you will have to select the option “Revenue Breakdown” to further get all the details of your donations.
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These were a few of the steps that need to be followed to check the donation history. Now that you are aware of how to donate on twitch and how to check the donation history, let us know in the next section about how safe the whole process is. 

Is it completely safe and secure to donate?

Making donations on Twitch is completely safe and secure. You do not have to worry much about the safety and security of the donations you make. Interestingly, the entire process of donating as well is easy and simple, as you might have understood by now. For donating your amount to any of the charities, you need to first decide where you would want to donate. Then, you will have to communicate the same to your community.

how to donate on twitch

You can hereafter make your donations as per your preference. However, coming to your query, it is completely safe to make donations on Twitch. You need not worry much about where your donation goes. Now as you are aware of how to donate on twitch and how to add the donation icon on your main screen, you can now start making your donations. However, make sure that you do a little research before you visit the site and start making your donations. 

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Twitch allows you to make donations but it is up to you how much you would like to donate. Aside from this, you should always remember that before donating to a particular charity you should discuss it with your community. You can as well add a shortcut icon that will help you donate much faster by saving all your time and effort. Hopefully, we were able to explain to you the process of making donations as well as adding the donation icon. Go through the above post once more to get a detailed understanding of the same.