Do you know how to donate on twitch (donation guide) Are you wanting to donate to your favorite streamer but are unable to do so? It only takes a very few easy steps to make a donation.

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How to donate on twitch (donation guide)

Twitch surely is a great place to discover some of the world’s best players streaming your favorite video games of yours. It so happens that a particular gamer might have caught your attention, whom you enjoy viewing. You can go ahead and donate him some money so that it supports him financially and also, he is able to continue streaming for you more often, or even might on a full-time basis. The following sections shall discuss in detail the methods of doing so.

How To Donate On Twitch (Donation Guide)

To support a streamer giving donations

There are different ways of doing so. It is actually possible for you to support a channel on twitch. You shall be able to make the donation in real cash and it shall help in promoting your favorite streamer.

Download the twitch website

As easy as it sounds. Before you wish to make a monetary donation to your favorite streamer or streamers, you got to first load the website into your personal computer, mobile, or tablet.

Go to the channel of your favorite streamer

You must have the channel of your favorite streamer in the list of your twitch channels. Only then you shall be able to provide a donation. So, pull out the channel of your favorite streamer. How to donate on twitch (donation guide).

Search for the donation button

Once you get on to your favorite streamer’s channel, scroll down the page of the site and search for that channel’s unique button called donation. You must also keep in mind that all streamers may not be accepting donations. So, whenever you cannot find a donation button on a favorite streamer’s profile, there are chances that they might not be accepting donations.

Filling up the details in the donation form

After you discover a donation button on your favorite streamer’s profile, click on the donation button. It shall open to a page where you shall be able to make a donation. Now fill in the amount that you would like to donate and write besides that a donation message. Once that has been done, click on the donate button that appears at the bottom.

Complete the payment procedure

Now once you have done the above steps, finalize the donation. This could be done by filling in the form with your payment details. Once the donation gets completed by you, your favorite shall receive a notification from twitch about your donation. How to donate on twitch (donation guide).

The procedure to make ‘bits donation

Load the website

The process to make bits donation is very easy too. But before that, start to load Twitch. tv up

Load the streamer’s channel

After you have completed the above step, log into the twitch website from your account and pull up the streamer’s channel which you are looking forward to supporting with bits.

Get to the ‘bits’ tab

Now, as you look above the stream appearing beside your profile button, you shall be able to notice a tab that reads, get bits. Now, click on that tab in order to purchase your twitch bits.

After you have made your purchase of twitch bits, now you shall be able to donate them to your favorite streamer. Donating is a simple process too. All you have to do is to type cheer and after that mention the number of bits you wish to donate. And it is done.

To donate twitch bits on mobile

  • In order to donate the bits on mobile-first, search for the bits, icon on the bottom right screen of your chat box. Now select the cheermote that you wish to use along with the donation.
  • Once that has been done, select the number of bits of your cheer. This can be done by selecting one default recommended amount or even by writing your own amount.
  • Once done, press sends and you shall see the cheer going into the streamer’s account and has received the bits that you have sent.
  • The various cheermotes of bits

There are 5 types of bits cheermotes that are available to a user. These are default and are of five different types each depending on how many bits a user is cheering at a time. The first one of them looks like a grey triangle, the next one is the purple diamond, the third is a cyan pentagon icon, the fourth is a blue hexagon and the last one is a red star. How to donate on twitch (donation guide).

How To Donate On Twitch (Donation Guide)

To subscribe is to support

There happen to be many streamers on twitch who keeps open the option of subscribing to their channel. Whenever a viewer subscribes to their channel, the viewers get to enjoy some special privileges in the channel. It includes emoting features and chats. Whenever someone subscribes to his favorite streamer’s channel it also means great support to the streamer. The streamer gets a percentage of profits from the twitch that gets generated from his subscribers.

It is always very thoughtful to make a little donation to your favorite streamers as streamers have to put in a lot of effort behind it and it takes much time for them to see returns flowing in on their investment. So, any donations that you make to support your favorite streamers, it helps them to improve their channel and also support them in producing their future broadcasts.




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