Have you ever discovered that when you watch the live streaming, you get the notification that you have received twitch drops? You must indeed be wondering if you are not already aware of what these twitch drops are and how they are beneficial.

Well, if you desire to know how to enable drops on twitch then, we have you covered. The post below will be highlighting the process of enabling the twitch drops. You will not receive these twitch drops until you enable them on your account. So, let us quickly move on to understand at first what the twitch drops are and then about the process to enable them.

how to enable drops on twitch

Know about the twitch drops

Before going into details of how to enable drops on twitch, you should have a clear idea of ​​what the twitch drops are all about. Whenever you open up your twitch account to view the streaming, you might have received a notification stating that you have drops enabled. Now the question arises what are these twitch drops and how to obtain them. 

The process to obtain these twitch drops will be discussed in the later section of the post. Let us first understand what the twitch drops refer to. To shorten it up for you, Twitch drops are a way to earn goodies or pieces of equipment for the particular game that is played in the stream.

The twitch drops help the players to get various equipment for the game to enhance their overall performance. Most of the viewers watch the streaming for these drops on twitch. However, there are certain limitations to getting the twitch drops enabled.

One cannot get these drips on all the games that are streamed. This is primarily because not all game supports the twitch drop feature. Along with this, one has to as well check whether or not the twitch drops feature has been enabled in their account settings. The game should be linked to the twitch application for enabling this feature.

Only when one meets these criteria will one be able to receive the twitch drops that can further help to enhance the performance in that game. The twitch drops are a kind of code that helps to avail the game’s beta and alpha.

These drops provide the gamers with a lift in their game through the items, weapons, skins, and others. You will receive these drops mostly if you have been watching a particular stream for a long time. When you do receive the drops you will get that in your notifications. Let us proceed further to learn how to enable drops on twitch in the next section. 

How do you enable the twitch drops?

Now that you have a clear picture of what the twitch drops are, you might be excited to learn the process of enabling them. Here in this section, we will be providing a detailed understanding of how to enable these twitch drops.

how to enable drops on twitch

If you are curious to learn the process to avail the benefits then, continue reading further. All the steps that need needs to be followed have been highlighted below for your reference and clarity so that you can access the same.

  • In the beginning, you need to open the twitch application for carrying out all the others steps to enable the twitch drops.
  • Once you have opened up the site, you are required to log in by filling in your account details. In case you do not already have an account then, it is highly suggested to create an account through the registration process.
  • After creating your account, open it with the use of your account id and password, you will have to tap on the profile open that you see towards the top left-hand side of your screen.
  • When you tap on the profile icon, you will get another option named “Preference”. Select the preferred option to proceed further towards enabling the drops.
  • Then is the drop-down menu from where you will have to select the “Channel” option. After clicking on the channel option, you will have to scroll down a bit towards the bottom.
  • You will now be able to see the very option you have been looking for. Tap on the “Drops” button you see towards the very bottom of your screen. In general cases, this option is usually turned off by default. You need to henceforth enable to for receiving the codes.
  • You will now start receiving the twitch drop. However, this also depends on the game that the streamer is streaming and on many other factors.

These were a few steps that need to be carried forward to enable the twitch drops. Make sure that you know how to enable drops on twitch well when you try enabling the same. The twitch drops are quite advantageous if you receive them while watching the stream. How to enable drops on twitch.

Twitch is an excellent platform that offers a lucrative list of features to the users. The individuals who watch streams do not just benefit from watching the stream in terms of strategies but also receive the twitch drops.

These twitch drops further help the players to enhance their performance while playing that particular game. Always remember that the twitch drops can only be received when you have enabled them on your account. Also, it depends on the game that has been streamed. If the game does not support the drops then, you will not be getting the twitch drops.


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