Twitch bits are a form of currency used on the site by the viewers to donate to their favorite streamers. If you are a beginner and have no clue about the twitch platform then, you might have several queries. We would like you to explain at first How To Get Free Bits On Twitch.

This is essential for you to know if you aim to earn money. The post below will be shedding light on various aspects relating to twitch bits. So, continue reading the post further for more details on twitch bits.

How To Get Free Bits On Twitch


Know about the twitch bits

Assuming you are here to learn how to get free bits on twitch, we would like you to understand what twitch bits are. Twitch bits are a kind of currency that is used by the viewers. The viewers, to show their support to the broadcasters or the streamers, use the twitch bits.

This is a form of digital currency. These twitch bits can be purchased online by the followers and subscribers to amplify their support and voice to their favorite twitch streamer.

Twitch bits are used by the viewers to showcase their love and support to the streamers as stated above. These twitch bits have to be purchased by the viewers through their bank accounts. Now that you have a clear idea about twitch bits, you might want to know more about the same.

Before proceeding, always remember that the twitch bits can be purchased only through real cash. The followers or the subscribers generally purchase these bits and then, donate them to the streamer they like to support them financially so that they keep continuing the work. If you wish to proceed further then, you can continue reading.

Know how to get the free bits on Twitch

In general, the twitch bits can be obtained only when the viewers purchase them and then donate to the streamers. However, the streamer cannot force or even ask the viewers to donate the twitch bits. In such a case, you might be wondering how to get free bits on twitch.

Well, there are various means of getting free bits on twitch. We will be shedding some light on one of the best and the easiest way to get the twitch bits. They can be obtained by watching advertisements on twitch.

By watching each of the advertisements on twitch, you will be able to get around 5 twitch bits. If you wish to learn how to watch the advertisement to obtain the bits then, below are the steps, you need to follow to obtain the twitch bits.

How To Get Free Bits On Twitch

  • Tap on the “Cheer icon” that you see on your channel cheer-enabled that is towards the top right-hand side corner of your screen. In case, you are not able to see any cheer icon on your screen then, it merely will mean that the particular channel does not have the cheer enabled.
  • Next, tap on the “Get bits” to get the free bits on twitch without breaking any rules. However, when you tap on the get bits option, you will as well see another option towards the top of your screen “watch ad”. You need to click on “watch ad” to proceed further for obtaining the twitch bits.
  • Each of these twitch ads will be for around thirty seconds long. You can watch as many ads as you do want to. The more ads you see the more will you be able to earn. However, you will have to watch a full ad to earn the bits. Only when there is a “done” option on your screen can you leave the ad page.

This was in all that you need to know if you wanted to learn how to get free bits on twitch. Now, let us proceed further towards the net section to know if you can get money with the twitch bits.

Can you get money with the bits on twitch?

If you are one of the streamers on twitch and have received recently a huge number of twitch bits then, you might be wondering how to get money with the bits on twitch. If this is the case then, we have you covered. The value of the twitch bits is similar to that of the US cents. Hence, the value of one US dollar will be equal to 100 cheer bits.

Similarly, one twitch bit will be equal to 1 US cent. Hence, if you seek to take out the money from the twitch account then, you need to at least have a minimum of 100 US dollars.

Coming back to your query, you can get the money with the twitch bits on your account. However, you need to wait for a while to ensure that the amount reached a higher level before withdrawing the same. Hopefully, you have understood when you can take the amount out considering the calculation has been laid out for you.

Always keep in mind that the streamers cannot ask the viewers direct or beg them to donate the twitch bits for any reason in any circumstances. It should be entirely a voluntary choice of the viewers to donate to the particular streamer.

Twitch bits are an essential form of currency that helps the streamer to make some money. The viewers donate to their favorite streamers on twitch the bits. If you wish to make a good amount of money then, you need to ensure that you have a higher number of followers and subscribers.

Hopefully, we were able to provide you with a detailed idea in regards to the twitch bits. However, always keep in mind that the viewers should donate the twitch bits voluntarily and not forcefully.

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