Generally, people start Twitch channels to get popular and earn money. But what they don’t expect is the grind.

As in, most streamers aren’t prepared at first. They underestimate the hard work needed to climb up the ranks and become popular enough to earn from streaming.

So do you want to know how to get popular on Twitch? Here we will tell you just that.

How Can You Get Popular On Twitch? 

Here’s how you can get famous on Twitch and then further use it to earn money.

Don’t Be Silent During Your Stream 

Let us start with something which bothers many viewers and causes them to drop out of streams- not talking. If you stay silent during your broadcasts, then you aren’t giving your viewers any reason to stay.

After all, no one wants to watch you just sitting there. So don’t be silent. Entertain people; after all, they are there to be entertained. Viewers come to talk with you. As such, if your content isn’t entertaining enough then you won’t be able to build a loyal audience in the long run.

how to get popular on Twitch

Now, if you are streaming for the first time, then talking to an imaginary audience might seem weird. So we would suggest that you practice taking all by yourself and to yourself.

Try talking about things you want to discuss. Also, be a little upbeat and funny. You can even start by making a list of things you want to talk about related to the game. This will help you slowly become a natural at it.

Play Popular Games

Know that when finding games to stream, always try to go for those which can attract new watchers. As in you should stream games with a tonne of viewers, but not a tonne of streamers/broadcasters.

So try to stream games that are in say, the top 10 or 15. At most, you can go to the top 20. However, note that if upwards of 20 people are streaming that game, then find another one.

This is especially if those other 20 streamers have gathered more viewers compared to you. Know that there are websites that can certainly help you choose the games to broadcast.

They let you see the number of viewers any game has as well as the number of people streaming that. Know that you should look for games that have a minimum of 1k viewers. As for broadcasters, there should be less than 15 people streaming it.

If you can get a game with these criteria, then get on it! Also, note that you should stick to games with several viewers that are spread out throughout various channels.

However, we know that you might not want to play popular games every time. So try to mix in the games you want to play with the ones you should be playing.

Use Chatbots

Not many how to get popular on Twitch guides will tell you about this. Know that chatbots are great at moderating chatrooms as well as answering questions on your behalf in the chat.

This will be helpful especially if you are too focused on the game and miss people who came in. In such an event, your chatbot will send out necessary information regarding the broadcast as well as answer frequently asked questions.

Another advantage of chatbots is that they get counted as one viewer in the stream. As such, there won’t ever be zero viewers. However, do note that you shouldn’t use follow bots, view bots, etc.

This is because Twitch doesn’t allow such bots. So using them might get you banned.

Stream during Golden Times

Know that some set times are way busier when compared to others. These times are packed full of streamers. As such, it might be quite difficult for you to get a foot in during such times.

However, you must keep at it and keep on streaming games during times with a tonne of viewers. But try to find a time when there’s a comparatively less number of streamers.

how to get popular on Twitch

For example, such a time in the US is sometime late during the night as well as early morning. These times might not be perfect for everyone. However, if you stream then, you will get less competition.

Use Good Equipment

Want to know how to get popular on TwitchThen note this important little known factor.

If you are just starting, there’s no need to put money into the best equipment possible. However, you will need streaming tools that are capable of giving you high-quality audio and video.

Know that there’s nothing worse than viewers having to deal with poor audio, video, or other technical difficulties. No one is going to stick around if your stream has any issues.

So you will need a decent webcam that can give crisp color. Also, do invest in good lighting equipment to change the way your stream looks. Know that good lighting is immensely helpful in fulfilling shadows and creating or reducing contrasts.

Also, use a microphone that can easily pick your voice without picking up a tonne of background noise. Here’s a tip: Before using your audio or video equipment in a stream, practice with it. This will let you know just how you should use it.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you gain Twitch popularity. However, along with these, don’t forget to stream on a regular schedule and promote your stream. This will help you gain new followers and subscribers quickly.

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