What is twitch prime and how to get twitch prime? With Amazon’s takeover of Twitch (the internet broadcasting company), Amazon Prime introduced a little-known membership bonus called Prime Gaming to the Twitch platform.

Prime users may sponsor their favorite Twitch content producers with a complimentary Amazon Prime Twitch membership once each month by linking their Amazon Prime profile to their Twitch account. The Prime member pays nothing more, while the video producer earns $2.50+ every Twitch Prime subscription per month. This post will show how to benefit your favorite video makers by using the Prime Gaming membership (Twitch Prime) Subscription.

How to get your complimentary Twitch Prime?

How to get Twitch Prime? The answer is simpler than you think. Signing up is a rather straightforward procedure. Because of the relationship with Amazon, all necessary questionnaires should already contain your information.

To get your complimentary Twitch Prime subscription, you must connect your Twitch.tv account with your Amazon Prime account. To connect your Amazon Prime gaming account go to the site “gaming. amazon”.

how to get twitch prime

When you arrive at the website, click “Sign In” in the top-right hand corner, and then input your Amazon Prime account credentials.

After logging into your Amazon Prime profile, you should see the option to “Link Twitch Account” on the left-hand side of the screen. When you do, you will be requested to login into your Twitch account (if you want to set up an account, you will need to sign up first). Verify the link across the accounts, and then head to Twitch to begin utilizing your new Twitch Prime Subscription.

How to use your new Twitch Prime?

Once a month, you could offer your preferred Twitch streamer a sum of money, via Amazon. If you want to get a subscription to a channel, go to their account and click on “subscribe” situated on the top portion of the page.

If this is your first time subscribing to a streamer via your Twitch Prime then Twitch will ask if you want to utilize your monthly free membership for this streamer. Click on “yes” to sign up for that streamer’s channel for free for a month.

Once you have subscribed to a streamer with your complimentary Twitch Prime Subscription, the perks you could enjoy with that streamer – and your monetary help to your chosen streamer – would be lasting one month. To change your Prime subscription to an ongoing subscription, click on “Subscribe” again and pick the “Continue Sub” feature to settle the purchase at the end of the month.

To access your Twitch subscriptions, go to this page or select your profile image in the top-right-hand corner of Twitch. Then choose “Subscriptions.” The “Subscriptions” tab displays all of your existing (as well as expired) subscriptions, along with their perks, expiry dates, and if they were/are paid subscriptions or Prime subscriptions.

Benefits of joining Twitch Prime

Now that you know how to get twitch prime, here are some benefits that would follow.

While many users see the monthly free Twitch channel subscription as the most beneficial advantage of merging their Twitch account and Amazon Prime account, Twitch Prime does provide other perks as an aspect of having an Amazon Prime membership. Twitch Prime members get access to unique in-game content, additional games, and other benefits.

One of the key benefits of Prime Gaming is the ability to subscribe to a streamer’s channel, which is a partner or an affiliate on Twitch. You will also get access to chat features reserved for members only, avoid sluggish mode, and receive membership badges and/or emoticons.

When you subscribe to Prime Gaming, you would have access to a certain catalog of games to play. This library is updated once a month, giving new games and altering an existing intriguing collection.

With a Prime Gaming membership, you will receive special emoticons from this platform, such as ScaredyCat or KappaHD, and you will be able to opt for the color of the chat. The membership also includes a special badge for the Prime members, which is displayed in the streaming conversation with the crown emblem.

If you’re a content creator, you would have observed that your streams are removed from the site after 14 days of preservation. By joining Prime Gaming, the streams will be accessible on Twitch lasting 60 days after they are broadcasted.

how to get twitch prime

Apart from having accessibility to complimentary games, Prime Gaming allows you to obtain extra material for various games and distribute it to your network. It will assist you in expanding and improving your interaction with your network.

These are the benefits of becoming a member of Prime Gaming. The advantages apply to both, the streamers and the audience. Given you are a streamer, still subscribing to other streamers that attract you and making use of Prime Gaming might be beneficial.

To sum up

It’s as simple as connecting your Amazon Prime privileges to your Twitch account to get Twitch Prime. It’s simply that simple. You may get the benefits of this online streaming service’s premium side by connecting these two platforms.

The procedure of connecting Amazon to Twitch to obtain Twitch Prime is surprisingly straightforward. This ease of use is partly due to Amazon’s ownership of Twitch. Those who want to link their accounts should visit the Twitch Prime site for a quick overview or begin a free trial of 30 days of Amazon Prime.


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