Livestreaming has become one of the most widely preferred hobbies and career choices in this advanced age of digitalization. Twitch is presently one of the fastest emerging online platforms; it is the best choice for people who want to become a streamer.

This post will tell you all that you should know about how to go live on TwitchIt can be very exciting to start your first live stream on Twitch and strong monumental presence, but if you do it right you must do proper preparation, tinkering, and decision-making. 

Regardless of the type of device you use, you can go live on Twitch. The process of going live on Twitch may differ for smartphones, consoles, PC, etc. Some common steps to be followed are mentioned ahead in this post ahead. 

How to go live on twitch?

It is pretty easy to start on Twitch and you just have to create an account. If you’ve set up an account already, you can skip this step. You just need to follow two simple steps to set up your account.

  1. Input Twitch, tap on sign up

 Complete the details and select a unique username that will help people to know you in the streaming. If you are not sure about the username, you can choose the name and change it later on. 

  1. Account verification 

After all, fields are completed; you’ll get a code from Twitch for confirming your new account. Input the code and just in a few seconds, your account verification will be complete. 

For going live on Twitch as a beginner, here are a few very easy steps you should follow: 

how to go live on twitch

  • Be familiar with the rules and policies 

You may this to be the most difficult part, and you can try skipping it, but it can be a smart option to get yourself familiar with the policies and rules before you start your live stream. This will make sure that you don’t face any trouble due to violation of the terms of service, and it means that you can stream without having to worry about getting banned temporarily or restricted. 

  • Create a Twitch account and secure it 

This may be out of the box for you; you should create your account on Twitch. Those who already gave a Twitch account can move to the next step. 

It is easy to create an account on Twitch but there are some points you must consider. You must take enough time to create an indifferent and attractive username. Set a secure password to keep your account safe. Add some or the other way of two-factor authentication to your account. 

Several Twitch streamers create an account without being positive about accomplishing it. Though, if the content becomes famous, you’ll be happy that your account is safe as soon as you start it.

You can start the registration process for your Twitch account in different ways. After you sign in, you’ll need to setup up two-factor authentication before starting a broadcast. If you don’t know what is two-factor authentications, you can get a clear idea about it while using Twitch. 

  • Choose a streaming app and download it 

Several broadcasting apps can be downloaded and all of them have distinguished features. The easy usage and aesthetics largely depend on your personal choice and you must choose it wisely. There are a few streaming apps that are officially recommended by Twitch.

If you are broadcasting for the first time, it is best to select an app that is used by several streamers and has a lot of online resources available as tutorials and guides. This means that if you face a problem, you’ll find a quick solution on any other social media platform. 

  • Setup a channel and personalize it 

Other elements like chat moderator, growing the channel, and maintaining of consistent streaming schedule. Lesser important details like the creation of a custom emote for the Twitch channel, helps you in keeping your fans and viewers entertained. They are a solidified investment for the long-term in your streaming career.

There is a lot you should know about the customization of Twitch emotes. The more your channel is personalized, the more likely it is to get the attention of a new group audience. Adding customized outros and intros and creating donations to earn added revenue is worth what you gain as follows.

how to go live on twitch

  • Start your first broadcast 

After completing the earlier steps, you must be all set to start your life on Twitch. The precise procedure to go live will differ based on the broadcasting app you choose. If you use any of the apps which are recommended by Twitch, you shouldn’t have to struggle to look for a detailed guide about the configuration of broadcasting settings. 

Can you go live on Twitch from a gaming console? 

Oftentimes, gamers want to use gaming consoles to stream on Twitch. Counting on the number of hours watched, console games are very popular on this platform. You can use consoles to stream as well and gaming can bring you out of the trouble of fixing a computer, particularly for live streaming. There are many gaming consoles you can use to go live on Twitch

That’s all you should know about how to go live on Twitch. There are many benefits of going live on Twitch and you can use various steps to go live on Twitch. 


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