Your live streaming sessions on Twitch can now become way more attractive through customized overlays. By customizing your overlay on this platform, you can make keep the audience glued to your channel. You need to know how to make an overlay for Twitch if you want to know the different ways of customizing the overlay of your Twitch channel. 

There is various editing software to can use to design, build and give your live streams a personal touch as all of this can lead to significant growth in the audience of your channel. If you are unfamiliar with this concept or don’t know much about it, you are advised to read this post till the end to get all your questions answered. 


What do you mean by overlay on Twitch?

how to make an overlay for twitch

An overlay on Twitch refers to the pictorial representation of various graphical elements like transitions, text, icons, frames, images etc. All of them are located towards the top of a live stream. It is used commonly during any live streaming session on this platform but you can change it for other platforms too. The main aim of this is to create an interesting and indifferent watching session for the audience. 

Can you add an overlay on Twitch?

There are many ways by which you can add new overlays on your Twitch channel. Tap on your favorite streaming app. Then, you’ll have to create a new stream, select the sources and import the overlay image you choose. Many third-party applications consist of numerous overlay patterns and you can choose a suitable one out of them. 

All you need to do is browse through those applications and start looking for various overlay designs. Once you end up choosing the right overlay design for your channel, Twitch allows you to import the design to their platform and use it in all your live streams. 

How can you make an overlay for Twitch? 

how to make an overlay for twitch

You can indeed make an overlay on Twitch or change it only through a different application or software. Sometimes, you can do it on Twitch itself. You can either create a new overlay design or choose from the numerous designs which are readily available in most of these apps. You can check out their list of overlays to know which one suits your channel. Choosing an intensity overlay is very important as it can help you in creating a good impression on your viewers for the very first time. There are several tips you can use to make an overlay for Twitch and some of them are mentioned here: 

  • Look for inspiration 

You will get many templates that are professionally designed on various apps. They enable you to make changes to the overlay for your Twitch streams. If you are well aware of the process you need to follow for making an overlay for Twitch, you won’t have to start all of it from the beginning. 

The search results can be sorted based on task, aesthetics, color, and platform to get new inspiration. After you’ve found the suitable graphic to start with, tap on the file for viewing g it through the editor on your phone. 

  • Make it finer 

It is very easy to incorporate a little bit of additional finesse to increase the attractiveness of your overlays by using various software. Just add different animated stickers or GIFs or use text instead of shorter clips in just one tap. Various other collaborations can also be included in your overlay so that it looks amazing. 

  • Customize it

There are numerous ways in which overlay templates can be customized as per your choice. The size and style of the font can also be changed. Try subsiding the image part with your pictures or other free images in the software. Don’t spend a lot of time changing it as per your preference. 

  • Change the size 

Times have changed and you don’t have to remember the dimensions for the images you use on every platform. After choosing a suitable design, you can modify it anytime depending on the platform you are using. The majority of the apps offer re-sizing options which can also help you with how to make an overlay for Twitch. 

  • Save the design and share 

Once you’ve finalized the overlay pattern for all your live streams, you’ll have to click on the publish button. Ensure that you don’t miss out on saving the design for future use. You can save it using any background when creating the overlay you use while live streaming. You can also create a whole screen graphic for help. It can also be downloaded for use into any other streaming app. 

This is everything related to how to make an overlay for Twitch that you should learn. The overlay is an important part of all your social media accounts and particularly Twitch as it is a more interactive platform. You must choose the best overlay for your Twitch channel to attract more and more viewers. The first impression of your channel matters a lot for your audience and an overlay plays a great role in this aspect.