Making money online is never easy. You need to put your heart, soul, and months of hard work into it. So, if you are wondering how to make money on Twitch, the same goes for that platform too. Twitch is a famous video game streaming website that allows well-established streamers with a fan following to even earn from the platform.

Earning on Twitch is divided into two parts. One is that you need to develop a fan following which would support you and help you earn. Next you need to get an affiliate or partner status on Twitch if you want to start earning seriously on the platform. So, without further delay let’s delve into the details of how to make money on Twitch

How to develop a fan following?

Many well-known Twitch streamers have sponsorships that allow them to generate money broadcasting. Sponsorships can take several forms based on the sponsor’s preferences.

For instance, sponsorships might entail marketing games and stuff related to the same, as well as collaborating with game creators to generate unique content, among other things.

Twitch streamers may potentially make a lot of money by placing adverts on their streams. Twitch advertising includes video commercials like pre-roll and advertising that users see while watching a stream. Streamers earn a portion of advertising revenue when they broadcast commercials during their programming.

However, before you start to wonder and ponder over how to make money on Twitch, there is another thing you need to look into, and that is developing an audience. 

It might be difficult and intimidating to establish a following from the beginning! You may invite your friends and family to follow you, and if you know someone with a larger Twitch profile, you could ask them to showcase some of your stuff.

how to make money on twitch

Tools such as TwitchTracker may help you find popular themes, games, etc., for your output. Resist short-term follow gimmicks like giveaways and follow-for-follow; you want individuals who interact with your staff and make a contribution to your community.

Try to the network by sharing your Twitch profile on other social media channels, participating in other streams’ conversations and live streams, and connecting with everybody when it is about administration and management.

How to start generating profit on your Twitch profile?

How to make money on Twitch now that you have gained a few followers? Even if you can’t directly monetize on Twitch immediately, you may accept contributions from viewers who are willing to donate their money – in principle; this can be accomplished on day one itself. It’s quite simple to install, and individuals may donate using common ways. 

If that is your thing, you could also sell stuff straight on Twitch. Donations and merchandise may both be simply placed as icons on your channel’s page.

However, if you want to get serious about getting profits on Twitch, you should consider being a Twitch Affiliate.

The bedrock of things you need to do to be eligible for an affiliate position is as follows. 

  • You need to have a minimum of 500 minutes of broadcast time
  • You have to stream for a minimum of seven days.
  • An average of around three (or more) concurrent viewers

When you reach these goals, you will be invited to attend the Affiliate program. Here on, you can monetize quite easily; with a sizable subscriber base on your side, you will be well along your way to earning a reasonable living.

Offering subscription privileges is the most apparent approach to making revenue. These might range from special discussion forums and emoticons to product discounts and prizes. Subscriptions are priced in tiers, with the lowest priced at $4.99, the highest at $9.99, and the highest priced at $24.99. You retain 50% of the whole membership amount as a Twitch Affiliate. 

Once you become an Affiliate, you can then also earn money with Bits. Bits are Twitch’s built-in currency. 

Sure, the affiliate status is great. However, once you are a Twitch Partner, you will have even more opportunities to profit.

how to make money on twitch

The bedrock for getting selected as a partner on Twitch is as follows. However, keep in mind that achieving these milestones alone does not guarantee a partner status. But then again, only about 1% succeed in getting the partner status, so do not fret over it too much either. 

  • Stream for a minimum of 25 hours.
  • Broadcast on twelve distinct days
  • Obtain a mean of at least 75 concurrent viewers

Again, fulfilling the above requirements does not ensure Partner status; rather it is the foundation of the qualifications.

In contrast to Affiliate status, you must apply to be a Twitch Partner. If you are recognized as a Partner, you will receive the same benefits as an Affiliate, but with far more liberty – for instance, you will be able to store streams for 60 days instead of 14. This and other features enable the Partner program to become a more professional option that may help you gain more.

Apart from the alternatives discussed above, there are more sources of income on Twitch. You may, for instance, get involved in affiliate marketing, brand collaborations, brand endorsements, and game sales. 

You may also link your Twitch and YouTube accounts, allowing you to upload your “Video on Demand” video directly to YouTube handle and monetize it there.

Generating money out of your passion can be difficult, but never impossible. All you need to do is keep your focus intact, and keep on doing hard work, putting effort into what you are doing, and soon you will certainly be recognized for the same. 


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