Moderating on twitch can be indeed quite fascinating. However, if you have been streaming on twitch lately then, knowing how to make someone a moderator on twitch should be your goal. 


Well, this is going to come as a great advantage to you. The moderator on twitch generally handles the streaming background work. They help to ban some accounts, manage the chats, and along with it end the predictions.

The post below will be touching upon all the major queries that you might have if you have recently started the streaming thing on twitch. Streaming on twitch indeed brings in more engagement but that will come when the streaming is handled properly. 

So, know whom you should make the moderator for your streaming and other interesting facts about the moderation part on twitch. Keep your curiosity at its peak and continue your reading.

How do you make someone a moderator on Twitch?

how to make someone a moderator on twitch

You must indeed be more curious to learn how to make someone a moderator on twitch  before all else. In this section, we will be discussing exactly that. All the live streams have their separate chat rooms that all the community members flood with comments. Most of the time the comments would be more offensive and contain foul language.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, it would also contain comments that appreciate the streamer and support them for more videos. The primary task of the moderator here is to clear out all the comments that contain foul language or offensive messages. If you have a large number of followers then, the need for a moderator becomes all more critical.

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The more people visit the chat room, the more offensive messages will contain further requiring the moderator to clean up the mess. Various qualities are essential for a moderator to have which we will be discussing in the following section. Let us before understand how to make someone a moderator on twitch in a brief. The steps that need to be carried out have been highlighted below for your reference.

  • As you would know, you cannot make a moderator until you start the streaming. Hence, the initial step is to start the streaming on twitch.
  • As you start streaming gameplay of whichever game, you will now be able to make someone the moderator. To make someone the mod, you will have to first finalize who is eligible.
  • You need to check if the person fits in for the job role. Once selected, you need to ensure if that person is present in the public chat room during that time of the hour.
  • If the person is not there then, you might have to call in that person or select someone else who is present at that time.
  • You need to type in “/mod and then, username” in this very chatbox. Once done, you can use the username of the future moderator. 

This was in brief the process you need to follow to make someone a moderator on twitch. You can keep as many moderators as you want but always do keep in mind to not keep beyond what you require. Now that you have got a clear picture of how to make someone a moderator on twitch, let us divert our attention towards equally important questions about the same.

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Factors that make an individual a good moderator

how to make someone a moderator on twitch

Making a moderator for just anyone is not a good idea. You need to look at a few factors while selecting a moderator while you are streaming. To keep a good watch on what is happening on your twitch channel and to ensure that everything goes smoothly, you need to have a moderator. 

However, things would become messier if you make a fault at this stage. Choosing the right moderator for your streaming is critical. Here are a few factors you need to know.

  • The moderator should be quite determined toward the work allotted
  • They must be trustworthy. Only when you can trust someone should you make him or her moderator for your channel.
  • More importantly, trust alone does not play a big role. The person should have full experience in handling the moderation. This is especially if you have a greater audience to handle.
  • The moderator is as important a personality as any other on your channel is. Hence, an equal amount of respect should be given to the moderator as well.

These were some of the factors that need to be kept in mind while selecting the moderator. Now that you are aware of how to make someone a moderator on twitch and the factors to select the best moderator, make sure you do not make any blunder while doing so.

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Making someone moderator on twitch should be done with carefulness. One can make as many moderators as one wants. However, this should be kept in mind that making too many moderators for a small community will also create a mess. Ensure that you do not end up welcoming trouble for yourself. Selection of moderator should be done after a proper discussion or planning. 

Moderator plays a very critical role and hence not every random person should be made a moderator on your channel. More than anything else, the person should have relevant experience and should be trustworthy as well. 


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