Lately, a very new feature called raiding has been added to Twitch. This feature allows streamers to send their audience to any streaming session of another user. It also enables the streamers to be interactive with the rest of the streamers who have just started using Twitch and are struggling to grow.

Similar to the rest of the features on Twitch, learning how to raid on Twitch is pretty easy. This post will take you through all that you should know about this:

What does it mean to raid on Twitch? 

Twitch introduced the raid feature to allow the streamers to create content on some other channel. When any feature can complete a stream on Twitch, they can get two options, turning off the stream and saying bye. Read this post till the end to know how to raid on Twitch. Raiding some other channel and featuring their content which is a great way of making streamers aware of all that goes on.

How to Raid on Twitch

All those who are new streamers on this platform depend highly on this kind of support which aids them to break into a part of the scene. Just like some other social media platforms, it can be difficult for you to establish yourself on this platform. There are many options but you can give extra support to the rest of the streamers when you raid a channel.

When a user raids any channel on Twitch, the viewers who are watching your channel presently get redirected to the channel page that is targeted. This is quite different from hosting which can embed the video of the target channel on the page of the time channel. Raid is a very important feature on Twitch and it is added new.

Since the launch of this new feature, there are many users on Twitch who have found this platform even more appealing. Read this post till the end to know more about this.

How can you manage raids through chat settings? 

You can use the settings of chat moderation to reduce the spam from any incoming raid or shut it down completely. For accessing these settings, tap on the cog towards the right-side corner at the bottom of the chat window.

  • Slow mode- This mode needs the users to wait for a particular period in between forwarding the messages. You can be exempt through affiliate or partner settings.
  • Followers-only- By enabling this mode, you’ll make sure that your followers can post in the chatbox. The duration required by a person can be set before posting the content.
  • Subscribers only- This mode only allows your subscribers to post.
  • Emotes only- This chat can prevent anyone from sharing any post other than the emotes when enabled.

How to raid on Twitch? 

Just like the rest of the features offered by this platform, you can start raiding on Twitch by using the chatbox simply. You can do this via mobile phone application or desktop because you don’t have to use the browser for this purpose. The steps to follow are mentioned below as follows:

  • Enter raid ‘name of the channel’ in the chat box.

This can be done whenever you go Live. Just input the name of the channel in your name. Here, the name of the channel indicates the channel name that is to be raided.

  • Tap on the Raid Now option
  • Once you enter the raid command in the chatbox, you’ll find a pop-up control option there. Assure that you select the raid now button to start raiding instantly. You can also cancel it whenever you want.
  • If no option is selected in 80 seconds, the raid will start automatically. As soon as the raid starts, you can host content of any specific channel. A user who inputs your channel name will get redirected to the channel you raid.

How to configure the Twitch raid settings? 

Twitch has provided many configuration options in the raid settings of the Twitch channel. This will help you to choose people who can access and who can’t access your channel to raid, which can get a chatting option in a Twitch raid, and also reports fraudulent raiders when anything is wrong in the procedure.

How to Raid on Twitch

You should know the configuration settings of Twitch to know how to raid on TwitchIt is very simple to configure all raid-related settings of the channel you have created. Tap on the settings button in the chat box before changing the source of the channel. This option can also restrict the chatbox to viewers who follow your stream loyally. It is very essential that is very useful, specifically if a channel tries to raid your channel for some other reason.

These configuration settings also provide different options to report or block these accounts and prevent all of them from being able to raid your stream. In the tasks part of the settings panel, tap on the review recent raids option. As soon as you click this option, you’ll get an option to ban and report all the previous raiders.

This is all that you should know about how to raid on TwitchThis is a very new feature included in the platform which enables you to promote the very new streamers on this platform. Try it out to know more about the benefits of raiding on Twitch.


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