Do you know How to Save Streams on Twitch (2022) This easy guide shall take you through its processes and help you to save your favorite streaming videos?

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How to save streams on twitch (2022)

Along with the era of gaming and gameplay, sharing the gameplay on social media has also evolved. This new trend is surely undeniable. One such extremely popular platform is twitch. Apart from gaming and streaming, gamers have now been looking forward to saving their videos on twitch as well.

How to Save Streams on Twitch (2022)

Saving steams

If a streamer wishes to save his stream after he has completed streaming it on twitch, and even a viewer of that stream wishes to save it, it can be done by both of them. But one thing it must be noted is that it is much easier for a streamer to save his stream than the viewer. There are two methods to save the stream. The first method is known as VOD which means Video on Demand. With the help of this method, you shall be able to archive your last streamed videos on twitch. And once you have done that, you shall be able to stream them or watch them later.

Procedure to enable VOD

To use this method of enabling, approximately 15 minutes shall be needed to adjust the settings. After that follow the steps:

  • Click on the app and navigate yourself to the creator dashboard section
  • You shall be able to see the three-lined button. Once discovering that, click on the channel settings
  • After clicking on the channel setting, you shall be able to see preferences displayed there. Click on the option called preferences and then, click on the channel
  • Now on the main page, click on your profile icon that appears in the top right corner. After that click on settings.
  • After you have successfully entered the desired area, click on the option called channel and videos
  • As you do that, you shall notice the slider that helps in enabling the option called archiving videos. It appears just below the stream key and the preferences section

This shall help you to achieve your streams on twitch. But at the same time, it is important for you to note that this feature has a stipulated timeframe to it. It shall help you to save your broadcasts for 14 days provided you happen to be a regular member of twitch. You shall be able to save the streams for up to 60 days only if you happen to be either a partner or an affiliate to twitch.

Procedure to highlight streaming

The second way to save your videos is to simply get them done by highlighting them. As you have done previously, you got to enable twitch in order to store your previous streams.

The following steps are needed to be followed here:

  • On the top right corner of your twitch account page, you shall see your profile icon appearing. Click on that.
  • Once that has been done, click on the channel and enter your channel page.
  • After you have entered your channel, click on the videos option that you are able to see just above the middle panel where clips and events are visible.
  • Now what you have got to do is, select the all videos, in the box. This shall make a drop-down menu appear right in front of you.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, choose the option called past broadcasts.
  • In order to highlight the video, you wish to save, click on that video.
  • Now, click the three-lined button that appears underneath the video. In doing so, you shall be able to see the highlight option.
  • You shall see that after you have selected the highlight option, and by dragging and dropping the yellow bar, you shall be able to click on the create highlight option. This shall help you in highlighting the video.
  • In order to end the process, press saves and your last streaming video gets saved.

How a viewer can save?

It is surely unfortunate that a viewer does not get the choice like the streamer does, of saving a video on twitch. The only possible way for a viewer to save a video is by downloading the streams on twitch. Sadly, this facility too shall not be able to be done directly from twitch but to rely on third-party apps for doing so.

How to Save Streams on Twitch (2022)

Here are the steps to downloading it using the third-party app:

  • First, highlight the URL, and using CTRL+C, copy the video that you wish to download or you can also right-click the video and select the copy link option
  • Now, open the third-party app and press on to the search.
  • As you click the search option, the video shall begin to load as a search result.
  • To complete and end the process, press download. Now from here, you shall also be able to toggle between a few options such as filename, quality of the video, location, and even the timing of start and end on the video, if you wish so.

The thing to also remember is that, being a viewer, with the help of some known and trusted third-party apps you shall surely be able to download the last streaming video on twitch. But, since you won’t be having the copyrights over the video so, if you happen to upload that video on any social media or video streaming platforms, it might lead you to legal hassles unless you have already taken the permission from its owner, prior to uploading. This will help you gain new followers and subscribers quickly.

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