Anyone who has a device and an active internet connection can start to stream on this platform. The procedure is very simple and it means that you can start streaming just after knowing how to setup obs for Twitch


If you want to choose it as a career choice you can try putting a decent setup in less than an hour, irrespective of whether you use a PC, gaming console, laptop, or smartphone. There are a lot of gaming PCs as well as webcams you can try for the best streaming experience. Before trying out this platform, you must be sure of the fact that you are willing to choose internet fame. 

There are more than 9 million users on Twitch and this number continues to grow. Initially, this streaming website owned by Amazon featured a lot of channels for live entertainment including e-sports and professional gameplay, casual shows, Dj shows, and other ASMR streams which are questionable fairly. As you can understand, it can be said and assumed that Twitch has turned into much more than a platform only for gaming enthusiasts. 

How to pick the right software to stream on Twitch?

how to setup obs for Twitch

The credit is supposed to be given because of its potential to allow streaming from several platforms. You must know that streaming on Twitch isn’t complicated. There are a few remarkable platforms where you can stream Twitch like gaming consoles, PCs, and laptops which are very powerful. To do this, you must end up choosing the best software to get a good streaming session. 

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There are a lot of major choices available in the market and many of them are focused on Windows. This can be availed on Windows, Linux, and Mac. All of them have an engaging interface and are easy to use. The only thing is that you will have to pay to use them.

You might want to know what OBS. is So, OBS is a top-rated free-to-use alternative and is counted among one the famous streaming software options but it will need you to do a proper setup initially. 

There are many customized versions of this software and you can use them safely. These programs can be synced with various other apps to set up your alerts, customized layouts, etc. Those who are first-time streamers can also go through apps that are owned by Twitch and are developed for beginners. 

You can use these apps absolutely free and also for a complete guide with setup instructions like the gaming feed and webcam. It also provides templates that can be customized as per your choice. All of this can help to give a quick start to your streaming career. 

What is OBS?

OBS is a well-known video streaming app that has a lot to offer. Several features included in this can’t be used in the basic version of Twitch for the common video game consoles. They also offer alerts, creating intermission, and many sources for audio and video as well as graphics and layout. If you have watched a stream on Twitch that has an attractive design, you’ll see a lot of notifications about new followers. This is all possible when you watch it through OBS. 

How can you use OBS?

how to setup obs for Twitch

The next part of this post will tell you more details about how to setup obs for Twitch. First, let us discuss the configuration of the stream. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch OBS 
  2. Choose Settings. 
  3. Choose a stream. 
  4. Set the service on Twitch and tap the connect account button to set it up quickly. 
  5. Sign in to Twitch with your credentials. Once done, you’ll be ready right skip the other part while you go live on this. For using a streaming key, follow the same step.
  6. For not commenting on your account directly, you can connect OBS to Twitch directly through the stream button. For doing this, go back to the dashboard of Twitch and choose the stream key. Follow all prompts you see on screen to receive the unique code for streaming. 
  7. Copy the code and paste it into the stream key box under the broadcast menu. Tap on OK.
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How to setup OBS for your Twitch account?

If you want to broadcast to the Twitch network using your username on Twitch, you must connect the OBS setup to your Twitch account

  1. Visit the official website of Twitch. In the drop-down box, choose dashboard. On another page, choose Settings in the left side menu. 
  2. Choose the stream key.
  3. Tap on the show key option. 
  4. Confirm the pop-up box and copy the stream key to the clipboard and highlight it via mouse. Then, make a right-click on the highlighted text and select copy. 

That’s all to know regarding how to setup obs for Twitch. There are many processes why you can do this and the steps mentioned above are the easiest and quickest by which you can connect your Obs to your Twitch account. The next time you are planning to broadcast, don’t forget to follow these steps to perform it easily. 


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