Twitch streaming alone is a great way to play a game with focus. But that isn’t the only way to stream. Sometimes streaming with others in your community will help you build a team. Also, it will allow you and everyone else to create content easily.

But for this, you need to know how to stream squad on Twitch However, if you don’t know how to stream, then we have got you covered. Here, we will guide you so that you can go online with your team together.

Also, in this guide, we have mentioned other tertiary questions you might have about squad streaming. With the help of this complete guide, you will be able to stream the squad and also watch other squad streams easily.

how to squad stream on twitch

How Can You Start A Twitch Squad Stream? 

Many streamers/broadcasters tend to go solo at first to establish a name for themselves. But squad streaming is more fun and enthusiastic experience compared to single-person streaming.

Right now, Twitch has limited squad streaming to just partners. So if all the members of your squad are on Twitch, then you can set it up easily. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, go to the right-hand part of your screen and click on the avatar you can see there. Now, head to the “Creator Dashboard” option.
  • You will find that a dashboard menu will show up. From there you need to select the “Squad Stream” option.
  • Now, invite the other streamers to the squad. You will be able to add members to your streaming squad by simply clicking on “Add Channel.” Then you need to type the full name of the channel you are planning on squad streaming with.
  • After everyone has joined, launching the stream will be easy. Note that one of the benefits of hosting the squad stream is that, if needed, you can kick out other members.
  • Do note that there are no video or voice options that let streamers talk with and to each other during squad streaming. So you need to set up any third-part chatting platform for that. One of the most popular options for this is Discord.
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Here’s a little info for you: if you terminate your stream in any way before the others, then the first member who joined your streaming squad will be the new person who leads.

As a viewer, even if your primary streamer quits the stream, note that everyone else will still stay in the squad view.

How Can You Watch The Squad Mode? 

If you want to easily view the squad broadcast of your favorite streamer or are interested in viewing anyone from a squad streaming category, here is how to use that option.

If you like any of the streamers in the broadcast event, then head to their channel first. You will notice that under the “Subscribe” and “Follow” buttons there’s a “Watch in Squad Mode” button.

When you click on that, the streamer you chose will be on top while other streamers will be beneath that. Thankfully, you can switch between streamers by just clicking on their Avatar present on the left-hand screen side.

Can You Include Potentially Unlimited Streamers In Squad Streaming At Any Time? 

One of the common questions regarding the how-to squad stream on Twitch topic is this. But note that you can’t do that. Twitch limits you to just 3 streamers for squad streaming at one time.

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So in total, only 4 members can stream together. Know that when you are streaming squad, your viewers will see every one of the participating streamers in just one window. This will let them see various angles of the gameplay together at one time.

How Does Monetization Work With Squad Streaming? 

Know that your Twitch viewers can choose anyone as the streamer who will get featured on their primary viewing channel. So if your viewer chooses you and subscribes to your channel/donates Bits, then the support will be given to just you.

And if it’s someone else in your squad, then they will get all the subscribes, donations, etc. Know that as a viewer you won’t be able to subscribe, follow, or donate all at once to the squad broadcasters at the same time.

If you want to support every individual streamer, you will need to head to each channel individually and help them. As for Ad revenue, it is as per views. This means that ads will be played only on whichever streamer a viewer has selected in their primary viewing window.

how to squad stream on twitch

What Is The Alternative To Twitch Squad Streaming For Any Affiliates? 

Right now, squad streaming isn’t available to affiliates due to restricted server availability. Even though Twitch has planned squad streaming for affiliates, there hasn’t been a set date for it.

But if you want to know how to squad stream on Twitch for affiliates then know that affiliates can make group streams. Then they can ask their subscribers/viewers to give it a watch from any third-party viewing software capable of supporting all of the streamers together.

Note that multiple platforms allow their viewers to easily set the streamers they are interested in watching, like MultiTwitch.

Streaming on Twitch’s squad mode will allow you to build a community of broadcasters. Also, if you are new to streaming and are looking to grow your subscriber base, then squad streaming is one of the best options. You can now build a community and your channel with this guide on squad streaming on Twitch.