The entertainment sector has reached its pinnacle. For the very first time, we have access to hundreds of video games and can live to stream our gaming experiences. This includes mobile games too though. However, amongst the entire craze with consoles and PC, you might be wondering how to stream mobile games on twitch. Do not worry as Twitch offers you such an option as well. 

Most gamers upload live streams of games that they play on their PCs, gaming consoles, and yes, also your mobiles via Twitch, a leading streaming platform on the Internet. You have reached the correct place if you’re looking to learn how to stream mobile games on Twitch. In this article, we’ll go through a few alternative ways to broadcast live streams of your mobile gaming sessions from your smartphone.

What is mobile streaming and how is it different from streaming on your console or PC?

You are probably wondering how to stream mobile games on twitch, right? However, have you pondered how it is different from streaming on console and PC? Here is the answer. 

how to stream mobile games on twitch

Streaming from desktops and gaming consoles such as the Xbox One or Sony’s PS4 will assure good visual quality during streams, but this shouldn’t prevent you from sharing live streaming of mobile games on Twitch. Mobile streaming allows you to share live gameplay footage from your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone directly on this site.

Twitch supports two methods for broadcasting mobile games. You can either install an app compatible with the operating system (OS) on your Smartphone or tablet, or you can use computer software that allows you to cast the touchscreen of your phone you plan to use for broadcasting to your computer’s display.

In addition to a Twitch account and a mobile game, you’ll need to download the live-streaming app to your device. If you want to stream your video of playing some mobile game through a computer, you will require a mic, a webcam, as well as the software that allows you to link your phone or tablet to your PC, and also live streaming software.

How to stream mobile games on twitch?

Given the technological constraints of mobile, streaming a high-quality game video to Twitch from a phone is somewhat more difficult than from a console or PC. Here are the details regarding how to stream mobile games on twitch. Keep reading. 

Now, simply said, mobile streaming implies broadcasting your screen so that everyone can see what’s going on. Mobiles, unlike Computers and other high-end devices, are difficult to stream live. Whether on an iOS or Android system, streaming of mobile screens is not of great quality, and hence useless for a gamer who wishes to stream their gameplay experience live.

However, things are improving now that we have Twitch. Twitch can be readily integrated with live streaming solutions to broadcast high-quality mobile games. There are 2 methods in which Twitch may be used to live broadcast your mobile games. These are the two methods:

  • Installing appropriate applications on your mobile device and linking them to the Twitch app.
  • Installing software on your computer allows you to live-stream your phone’s screen.

While consoles are focused primarily on streaming games, smartphones are not. Twitch’s smartphone app only allows you to broadcast from your phone’s camera, so if you wish to broadcast mobile gaming, you’ll have to use third-party programs. Here’s how to stream to Twitch using your smartphone.

While consoles are focused primarily on streaming games, smartphones are not. Twitch’s smartphone app only allows you to broadcast from your phone’s camera, so if you wish to broadcast mobile gaming, you’ll have to use third-party programs. Here’s how to stream to Twitch using your smartphone.

  1. First and foremost, the app must be downloaded on your phone. Install the Twitch application from Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store.
  2. To login into the app, you must go through Twitch’s entire two-factor verification process.
  3. This will lead you to the page where you’ll see the “go live” option.
  4. Before you may live stream to Twitch using the app, you must grant permission to your webcam and microphone.
  5. Now click the start stream option and go live!

How to stream mobile games on Twitch via your PC?

how to stream mobile games on twitch

Even though it is easier to download an app on your phone and stream directly from there, we would suggest you employ your PC screen as that would offer you better quality.

Using mobile apps to share live broadcasts on Twitch has constraints, so if you want more broadcasting options, you can cast your phone’s screen onto your pc and use strong broadcasting software, such as OBS, to share your live broadcasts on Twitch.

The first step is to send the display from your smartphone to the PC that you will be using for streaming. While Windows’ built-in program may wirelessly transmit your phone’s screen, it is too slow for fast-paced gaming. So that is why a wired network between your mobile and your PC is preferable.

Download an application on your android or iOS smartphone and employ it to link your phone to a PC.

After successfully connecting your phone to a computer, run the live streaming program on the PC. Choose Twitch as the target for your live stream and attach media inputs to the program so that anything cast from your mobile to the pc may be seen in the live streaming program you may be using. After you’ve added all of the media sources you would like to your stream, hit the Start Streaming button.

Now that you know the basics of streaming from your phone (as well as your PC), what is the wait about? Get to streaming! But remember, as easy as it is to learn the basics of streaming, it is equally difficult to get ranked amongst the top streamers. It will require a lot of time, hard work, and perseverance. All the best!

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