When beginning their journey into Twitch streaming, many streamers choose to use a computer or a laptop. But if you would much rather use your current-gen Xbox, then we are here to tell you how to stream on twitch with Xbox one

How To Connect Twitch With Xbox One? 

Before you start streaming on Twitch, there are a few steps you need to follow for setting up everything. They are all easy. And the first step in this setup process is connecting Twitch and Xbox One. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First, you have to make your Twitch account using any computer or mobile. If possible, use an Android or iOS phone as this will let you adjust stream settings quickly.
  • Now go to Microsoft Store and download the Xbox Twitch app from there. Know that there’s no need to download the given PlayStation app there.
  • Know that the app will be installed on your console and you can get it within the section called My games and apps screen present in the Guide.
  • You can and should personalize your account so that viewers can identify you. Also, you can buy some followers through apps or from the web. Now, before you begin broadcasting, you need to log into your Twitch account from any web browser.
  • This will allow you to establish the Safety and Moderation settings. AutoMod is one of the best tools since it will automatically detect chat messages flagged for being inappropriate.
  • Now in the next step of the how-to stream on twitch with the Xbox one processyou need to open your Twitch app before linking the Xbox account directly to Twitch. You can do this by simply following all the directions given on the screen.
  • Head to the Twitch website from any web browser through your mobile or computer and then log in. After this, open your Twitch app on the Xbox one and select the login button there.
  • You will get a six-digit code through this. Now, head to your computer and use the same web browser you used to get into Twitch, go to the Twitch webpage for activation (twitch.tv/activate), and then put in the six-digit code you got. 
  • Once the Twitch account gets linked securely to the Xbox One console, there’s no need to establish the connection again. However, if you want to change your Twitch account or are planning on replacing your console, then you need to form a connection again. 
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how to stream on twitch with Xbox one

How To Begin Streaming On Twitch Using Xbox One? 

Here we will tell you how to stream on twitch with Xbox one now that you have set up the connections. 

Before you begin streaming from your Xbox One you need to run a couple of small tests. These will ensure that everything is in order and working properly. Here’s how you can set it all up: 

  • Open the game on your Xbox One you want to broadcast. Note that streaming won’t be possible on Twitch without being active. So you need to open the application and then leave it just on the title screen. This will be enough. 
  • There’s no need to start playing that game. Now head to the dashboard on Xbox One and then open your Twitch app. You will find that on the left side of your screen there’s a Broadcast button. 
  • Clicking on this will reopen the game on your Xbox One and then minimize your Twitch app. It will be just a little bar present on your screen’s right side. Now click on the Broadcast Title space and name the Twitch broadcast. 
  • You can name it anything you wish. This will be the name of your stream on both the Twitch app and website. Now, select Settings. After this, you should be able to see a small preview of the Twitch broadcast in a little window present on top of your Twitch tab. 
  • If your Kinect is connected to the Xbox One, then you will get to see a small preview of what your Kinect sees in the stream window. Know that the Kinect’s Auto-Zoom feature makes it focus directly on your whole face while streaming. 
  • If you disable or disconnect that, then Kinect will display everything it can see and this will probably be your whole room. So if you want to keep the focus on yourself, keep this option enabled. 
  • Now, check your Enable Microphone option. This will allow the connected mic or Kinect to pick up your words while streaming. After this, it’s time to figure out the stream resolution. 
  • Know that if you want a high image quality, then you will need fast internet. To fix the resolution head to the Quality menu and click on Get-New-Recommendation. This will auto-detect the best quality that works with your interest speed. 
  • Once everything has been changed and adjusted, you can head to Twitch’s primary broadcast menu by pressing just the B button. And then click on Start Broadcast. This will allow you to start streaming.
  • Know that you can choose the game by pressing the Xbox One button present on the controller. 
  • After you are done streaming you can stop the broadcast by relaunching your Twitch app. You can do this by pressing the Xbox button. Then you need to choose “Stop Streaming.” 
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how to stream on twitch with Xbox one

Streaming on Twitch with your Xbox One might seem a little convoluted if you are a first-time streamer. But note that the process is easy. All you need to do is follow the steps listed above and you will be ready to stream from your Xbox One.