Twitch has seen a tremendous increase in the number of streamers as well as viewers over the last eight years. The pandemic also made a significant contribution to the rise. This article contains all the information about how to stream with OBS on Twitch.

This is a great prospect for content makers, particularly game broadcasters. If you are a professional game streaming aficionado, or if you want to make game streaming a pastime or a job, you should check out Twitch.

Twitch provides an easy-to-use interface for newbies to broadcast their content. However, many feeds are terminated owing to infractions of Twitch’s community standards. So, when you set up your streams, make sure you thoroughly read their guidelines, terms of service, and management and safety restrictions.

Upgrading to the new Twitch interface 

In 2019, Twitch introduced a new user interface upgrade. However, signing up will take at most a minute.

  1. Visit and then click Register
  2. When you fill out the form, Twitch will request a 2-factor authentication, the 2FA. Check the mail address you used to sign up for a six-digit code and then copy and paste it into the Twitch pop-up.

Things you will need for a successful stream

  • A consistent internet connection
  • A broadcasting software such as Open Broadcaster Software or OBS and Twitch. tv
  • Proper hardware: a computer, a Mac, or a video gaming console
  • Microphone for the audio source.
  • A webcam for video streaming.
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Generating your stream key for OBS

OBS lets you link to twitch using either your profile or you can also use a stream key. Ignore this step if you wish to join from an account.

how to stream with OBS on Twitch

Your stream key has to be a closely guarded secret. If you disclose this key to anyone, they will be able to stream on your channel.

  1. Tap on your profile photo on Twitch. television Then go to the Dashboard for the Creator
  2. Click Navigate to Stream Manager.
  3. Navigate to the Preferences option and then to Channel on the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Your stream key can be found under the Primary Stream Key option.

How to connect to your account?

Here is what you were waiting for. How to stream with OBS on Twitch? Here is the answer you were looking for. scroll ahead

OBS or Open Broadcasting Software is a piece of free software. It is open-source software. Although OBS is mostly used as a program encoder, many broadcasters tweak it for further use. OBS is compatible with Linux, macOS, and, of course, Windows.

After installation, launch OBS:

  1. Navigate to File and then to Settings.
  2. On the left panel, click Stream.
  3. Choose Twitch from the list in the Service section.

If you are connecting using a Twitch account, select Connect Account. Then sign in to Twitch. Then enter your six-digit 2-factor authentication (2FA) code. If you want to utilize your stream key, copy the stream key from Twitch and put it into your OBS.

Now that you have clicked OK, you are connected.

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Things to consider before setting up a stream with OBS on Twitch

Setting up a simple Twitch streaming session should require more than 5 minutes, but the interface of OBS and its configuration numbers may be confusing. You can determine the right requirements for your streams by looking at the potential of your PC.

Getting the finest streams possible normally requires multiple attempts and errors. Before going live, we suggest that you try different setup combinations. The following are the things you would need to focus on for the same. 

  1. Bitrates and audio-visual settings

The amount of bits generated in one second is referred to as the bitrate. Generally speaking, the higher is your bitrate; the better is your stream. Higher bitrates, on the other hand, might place a significant load on your system, resulting in unreliable video streams.

The bitrates you select are determined by your PC, encoder category, and broadband speed. It also depends on the frame rates and resolutions you choose. Bit rates are only anticipated to rise as quality and frame rates rise.

Your audio and video settings are very essential as well. Twitch offers a Full HD quality of 1080p at 60 frames per second. The better your frame rates, the more encoding capacity you will use — therefore select a frame rate that corresponds to the capability of your device.

In the audio section, select a sample rate that is between 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz. Select your Desktop Audio if you want to stream audio from your PC. Choose your item from the Auxiliary Audio area if you are thinking about streaming the audio from some external source such as a mic.

  1. Assembling your gaming setup

A standard stream across any platform involves three major components for game streamers: the game, the audio, and the webcam. Set the proper settings from the game capture and video capture sections and make sure to shift to full screen before starting. 

  1. Testing your equipment

You’re just about ready to begin streaming at this point. However, to be extra cautious while going live before your viewers, we suggest that you perform an audio and video test run.

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how to stream with OBS on Twitch

You may modify the level of your gameplay sound and microphone sound under the Audio Mixer area. You may always change the level employing the Audio Mixer if it is very high or very low.

Another approach you may do for testing is to stream to a fake Twitch account that no one can access.

Now that you know all the details as to how to stream with OBS on Twitch, what’s the wait for? live 

An important factor in gaining success in streaming is consistency. When you broadcast on a consistent schedule your viewers will know when exactly to tune in.

Twitch includes a notification tool that delivers messages to your regular viewers every time you go live. Ensure your alerts are customized and optimized so that your audience would want to check in straight away!