Subscribing to channels is one of the best aspects of Twitch. Subscribing to channels on Twitch is a very reliable way to provide support to Twitch streamers alongside, enabling you to get benefits such as emotes or badges. If you use Twitch Prime, you can avail a free of cost subscription each month. However, if you aren’t a Twitch Prime user, you can follow this post to know how to sub on twitch.

You’ll have to subscribe to a channel if the free subscription is over. Subscribing via the mobile application can be done at once for many months. It is the best choice for people who don’t want to keep trouble of stopping the subscription each month. In both ways, the procedure is very easy and is not time-taking. If you want to know ways in which you can sub on twitch on Mac, mobile phone, or desktop, read below.

Twitch subscriptions are referred to as month-wise payments given to the Affiliates and Partners on Twitch as a method by which the audience can give aid to their preferred channels.

How to Sub on Twitch

Subscribers on Twitch can avail themselves of a wide range of top-rated perks like special emotes or emoticons which can be used in the chat room of a stream, but the streamer can gain repetitive income sources that can help in paying their living and streaming expenses. Subscriptions are one of the best ways by which you can earn on Twitch.

What are the benefits of Twitch subscriptions for streamers? 

Though the majority of the audience can subscribe to the channels for the reason of supporting their favorite streamer, there are many benefits you can get by subscribing on Twitch like:

Subscriptions can be availed by Twitch streamers who hold the status of Partner or Affiliate on Twitch. These statuses are given to the users which are very active in broadcasting many times every week. Also, the Twitch streamers have a constant and loyal set of viewers.

Subscriptions are very significant for the streamers because they give them a source of constant income that increases per month as more audiences choose to subscribe.

What are the benefits of a Twitch subscription for the audience? 

Here are some of the important benefits which viewers can get from Twitch subscriptions:

  • Badges: The badges given to Twitch subscribers are specific icons that show against the name of a subscriber in the particular channel’s chatbox. The most common badge is the star but streamers can customize the badge they want.
  • Exclusive competition: Several streamers on Twitch can get special competition for all subscribers or provide those higher entries in the contest in which all viewers can participate.
  • Exclusive chatroom: Those who are affiliates or partners on Twitch avail of the option of creating a subscription-only chatroom for streams that can be accessed only by the subscribers who pay. It can be used by many other well-known channels too.

How to Sub on Twitch on PC? 

There is a very simple process you should follow to subscribe to a Twitch channel. The steps are mentioned below as follows:

  • On your Mac or PC, launch Twitch. Tv and log into your account on Twitch.
  • Select any channel you want to subscribe to and input its name in the search panel. You can search also by starting a stream that is in progress.
  • On the top-right corner of the screen, click on subscribe. You’ll find a pop-up window showing up on the screen.
  • If you use Twitch Prime, you’ll have to navigate downwards in the pop-up window and tap on subscribe for free. You’ll find this option below two ways of subscribing. If you don’t use Twitch user or your subscription is over, you can select the subscribe button. You’ll find the price beside the option.
  • Those who use Twitch Prime can subscribe to a channel very easily without taking any action. Others will need to enter their payment-related details and follow all instructions which show up on the screen to end the process.
  • After completion of your payment process, you’ll be able to get all benefits that are offered to a subscriber.

How can you subscribe to Twitch on a Mobile Phone?

The steps which you need to follow for subscribing on Twitch using a mobile phone are here:

On your iPhone or Android device, open the Twitch application and search for all channels you want to subscribe to. You can visit the main page of that channel or start the streaming process which is going on.

When you open the page, tap on subscribe in the colorless panel located towards the top of the main page. When you open a stream, tap on the violet-colored panel that mentions subscribing. If you can’t see it, tap on the video.

You’ll locate a pop-up option showing up those talks about the rewards you earn for subscribing to their channel. Tap on subscribe.

How to Sub on Twitch

Make sure to check the token you want to buy and tap on the rate mentioned besides the amount you want. Enter all your payment details or you’ve saved them from before, and confirm that you want to make the purchase. After completing the process, you can unlock all the subscriber benefits.

That’s everything you should know on how to sub on Twitch. You can opt for any way based on if you are willing to subscribe on the mobile phone or desktop. No matter which device you use, it is very easy to sub on Twitch.

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