Moderating a Twitch channel can be quite noisy and rarely, the best decision you take is to ban someone permanently to stop them from creating a mess on your stream. These bans are not required to be imposed permanently if you change your mind or heart. 

So a moderator of your channel may ban someone unknowingly and you would want to unban the user since the punishment was too harsh. For this, you must know how to unban someone on Twitch.

Twitch is one of the best platforms where you can create an engaging group with similar-minded people on the web. But, in the present times, all online communities will be more likely to have a good share of annoyance or the intrusive members who spread hatred. 

You should also know that the usual social media has turned into a platform on which people can post incendiary and inappropriate comments without any repercussions. Furthermore, there is normally less effort from the creators of the platform in the curb these actions. 

But, on Twitch the communities are knit more closely and it provides the potential for reliable members of any channel who are also known as moderators to weed out the negative comments manually. This is why they have to ban a few members from chatting. Twitch has offered many tools to the moderators and broadcasters to keep a check on the actions which are performed by others in the chatbox. 

how to unban someone on Twitch

Regularly, many well-known streamers can hold an appeal for a ban on streams as it is how they look after the bans which were dished on the stream while contemplating whether the person is entitled to a second opportunity in the community. The best part is that it is very simple to unban a user on your Twitch channel and these changes offer a lot of ways to be done. First, there is a chat command system on Twitch that the streamers use for both banning and unbanning audience. 

Type ban or unban and then, the username of the person you want to take the action against. You can either ban or unban all of them from the chat as per your wish. If you’ve forgotten the spelling of the tag of users, there’s one way by which you can see the settings to search for them on the list where you can find all the banned users. 

Can you unban someone on Twitch?

Start by visiting the creator dashboard and tapping on the settings menu. Then, tap on moderation. 

Towards the bottom of the web page, you’ll find an option of banned chatters that will take you to another page. The page will show you everyone who is presently banned from the channel with the names of people who banned them and the reason why such an action was taken. 

Towards the right corner, you’ll see a trash symbol that you can choose for unbanning a user who is on your ban list. Also, you can add other users to the ban list on the page by inputting their name in a text box toward the top and also selecting add button towards the right of the box. 

how to unban someone on Twitch

Twitch chat is one of the best features by which creators can start interacting with their viewers and develop a highly engaging community on their channel. Similar to other communities, you can have a handful of people who are only there to create harassment or spread hatred.

In the bigger community of Twitch, this isn’t a rare happening. Earlier, many popular streamers also left the platform due to toxicity in their communities. It is good that Twitch has many tools which can be used for moderation and allow all loyal members of the community to chat at a limit. Moderation of a Twitch chat is a difficult job and punishments are mostly dealt with improperly or in a way that is too harsh. 

Twitch also has a separate unban feature where the viewers put their questions forward to the moderation team or broadcaster and ask them to consider a review on their ban. Being a human, everyone makes mistakes and when someone realizes their mistake they might want to be unbanned. 

Sometimes, you might have a change of mind or regret banning the user and want to unban immediately. For this, you must have adequate information on how to unban someone on Twitch.

How can you unban someone from Twitch chat? 

Twitch has numerous chat commands for broadcasters and moderators who help them in managing their chat. Chat moderators have the right to impose bans, remove them with the commands of the ban and unban. 

The most simple way by which you can unban someone on Twitch is to enter unban and the account username in the chat. This will instantly remove all bans which are issues on the user. 

This is all for how to unban someone on Twitch. You can use these methods to unban any user on your Twitch channel. There can be several reasons for someone to unban a subscriber or viewer on Twitch.